Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                      " Remove The Mote From Thine Own Eyes"   (sermon)

Christ said..."Remove the mote from thine own eye, and then
you may see clearly to remove the mote from thy brothers

eye". So many people have a Revelation, but many cannot
see the forest for the trees. One has to be clearly lead

by the spirit in all matters and things, before they can
minister to others. For every one is not on the same

spiritual level, and may not have the understanding that
the one doing the ministering has. That is why one has to

be spirit led, so that they may discern what it is that
the Lord would have them say to the one they are

ministering to. When we hear another person speak a need
then THAT should be a clear sign to do one or two things

if the person who spoke the need is spiritual then take
the opportunity to pray with them about it. If they are not

then we should try to love them to the truth, if they are
not ready to hear the truth, then we should back off and

pray for them, that the Lord would reveal himself to them,
or that they would reach out unto the Lord, or that the

Lord would touch them. If we stay tuned to the spirit of
the Lord, then He, will tell us what to say to each

individual, so that they may relate to it on their own
level. When a person stands on the truth of God, at all

times, and they give all their words and testimony to God
then that person "stays in contact" with the Lord at all

times, and will always have the Lords answer, to all
things. This is what it means to me to be spirit led. A

person CANNOT be spirit led, in all matters if they tune
out the council of the Lord, AT ANY TIME. Sure they may be

able to pray and get their answers for questions, but
when a person stays in contact with the Lord, then they

will always have the council of the Lord, for all matters
at all times. This is something that you cannot put a

price on, because whether they turn to the right or to the
left, they will always be blessed, because what ever they

do, it is always done in faith. This person is apt to teach
and full of the wisdom that the Lord gives them, even as

they speak. Try giving all of your words, as a testimony
to Jesus Christ, for as a Christian, you should be a

witness, and as His witness, you can NEVER LEAVE the stand!
This is a fantistic way to live, for you can talk to

anyone at anytime, about anything, and every word that
you speak, will be given to you, BY THE SPIRIT OF JESUS

CHRIST! This means that everything you speak will be true
to the word of God, and also, your words will become

a ministering word! For Christ said " even the words that
I speak, THEY ARE SPIRIT! So you can engage in any

conversation, about anything, without even mentioning the
Lord, and people will not even be aware of what you are


GOD! What a powerful tool to have, in which you can
minister to even total strangers, and they are NOT EVEN

aware of it!!! Your brother in Christ, Stephen Monday

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