Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                          " Gods Judgement "  (Sermon on righteous judgment)


When a decision needs to be made in your life about things
the standard tool to use in making judgements is the word

of God. For in the word of God, He has given many good
judgements that we are to apply in our daily lives. We are

told to "judge not" and this means just that, but it also
says that a spiritual man shall discern spiritual things.

The discernment that we use, comes from God, and God does
not change, so what He tells us to do, wil always line-up

with what the word of God says. When we hold up a standard
of rule for our own lives, we are not judging things but

simply allowing the word of God to guide us to the right
decision. We are expected to use this kind of judgement,

for how we know that things are not right, is by looking
at what is acceptable before the sight of our Lord. The

word also tells us to "be true to ourselves" the truth
"standard" is that which you know is the truth to God, for

He knows all. If a person kids themselves into thinking
they have done something that God does not know about, then

they are only decieving themselves, for no-one can fool
God. So if we want to stay right with God, then we know

that we must stay truthful to Him, in all that we do and
say. All of Gods judgements and truths are good things

for they are what we use to be "made free" from giving the
devil a place. So, if we want to know if something is

good for us, or not, then let us turn to the word and get
it's position on it, before we make a decision.

Your brother in Christ ManofGod

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