Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

       " Test Yourself" Do you have The Holy Ghost?  (discernment)

Here is a sure-fire way to tell if you have the Holy Ghost.
Listen to your conversation with other people and ask

yourself this..Is the truth of Gods comming out of your
mouth every time you open it? If not, ask forgiveness

for that which you know of, AND FORGIVENESS, for what you
know NOT of!! This way all sin is covered, or simply ask

for forgiveness for all sin, and ask the Father to send
you the Holy Spirit. For as soon as He knows that you have

acted in accordance with His will and asked forgiveness,
then He will send it. The reason this works is..The Holy

Spirit cannot lie!! If He abides in you, even if you are
a new Christian, and have not had time to study, and know

the will of God, all of your answers will be the truth of
Gods, and true to Gods will. Be sure that you do not just

guess, since you are connected to Jesus Christ, by having
gotten forgiveness of sin, He will at least give you the

answer that will cause you to remain a faithfull witness.
to Him! Another thing, if you have the Holy Spirit, you no

longer "bear record of yourself" but the record of the
one who sent you! Jesus Christs Father! Also if you are a

faithfull witness to Him, you do not receive the testimony
of men! You will hear what they have to say, but if it

goes against your spirit, or the truth of Gods, you will
not receive it into your heart, on the other hand, if a

person you know has gotten scriptual insight, or speaks
the truth of God, you will receive their testimony, for

the Lord Himself will bear witness with it, and let you
know that it is true! The ones whom bear a record of

themself, have taken men"s truth over Gods truths, but
instead of calling them a liar, you will try to love them

to the truth, or if they will not hear you, then you will
pray for them. The reason this works and is true, is

because when Christ comes into your heart, the first thing
He changes is your testimony! Since you are speaking what

He is telling you to speak, you are speaking out of Gods
heart, and when you do this, this makes you a prophet, who

speaks Gods words, and all of Gods words COME TO PASS!
If you ever want to know if the devil is trying to slip a

lie into you, then ask yourself this, Is it GOOD NEWS?
For if it is negative, then it is NOT THE GOSPEL!!

For every since Jesus went to the cross, all of the bible
is good news! We all can be saved, all that we have to do

is ask forgiveness of sin, and repent. When His spirit
comes, then you will know that you have the gifts of the

spirit, because you will hear Jesus Christ voice giving
you testimony, and teaching you all things!!

In Christs Love ManofGod

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