Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


When John the Baptist, baptized Jesus, and the spirit of
God descended as a dove, and lit upon Him, His Father

spoke saying,..."This is My beloved son, in whom I AM
well pleased". Then the word says "the truth of God was

established on earth". When the truth of Gods is
established on earth, by men of truth and spirit, whom

are led by the Father, everything they do and say is
given to them BY the Father. When this is done, then Gods

will is done, moment by moment, as the Father leads them
to "fulfill ALL righteousness". They do this, by speaking

God will into being, JUST AS GOD SPOKE things into being.
Jesus WAS, the Word become flesh, so HE allready knew the

Word of God, because HE WAS GOD! When Jesus was raised
from the dead, He was raised in a glorified body, and in

full power of His kingdom. When He ascended to His Father,
HE was still the word become flesh, only now His work on

earth was done, for Christ spoke " it is finished". The
"work" He did, fulfilled and established, His Fathers

will which was to establish the truth of Gods in the
sight of men. When the One true witness, witnessed the

truth of God, which was being spoke by Jesus, the Father
glorified Him, by having Him speak things into being.

Any man whom has yielded himself to the will of the Father
thru the Holy Spirit, CAN DO THE VERY SAME THING!! For

Christ said to His Father in prayer...." All that thou has
given me, I have given to them! The very POWER of the word

is IN every Holy Spirit lead man. All of whose names are
written above, the Father had given the Son. So if the

person whose name is written, has NOT COME to the Lord
yet, then the POWER, of Gods will, will chastise them,

in any and all manner that it takes, to bring them around
to the truth of God and Jesus! Because HE lives, He causes

all things to happen, men understand not this Judgment
because a man without God, cannot SEE the reasons that

God does the things that He does! It is ALL DONE IN GODS
Love, because Gods love IS the engine that makes all

things work together, for the goodness and glory of the
Son and the Father. Our "test" on earth, is for us to

choose to believe Gods words, instead of men's. For only
by the Holy Spirit, can a man "rightly divide the truth".

When a man with the Holy Spirit speaks Gods will by being
commanded by the father to do so, he speaks out of a heart

THAT BELONGS TO GOD, and when that happens, the words
that he speaks, WILL ALWAYS COME TO PASS! Three things

have to come together for this to work. One is the Holy
spirit has to speak only that which is given to Him from

above, the second is, the One True Witness witnesses it,
the third thing, is Gods Word. Gods word is LIVING, and
it Lives because He LIVES!! He makes it all happen!!

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