Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                   " Let Them All Be As One "    (Sermon)

Christ spoke in prayer to His Father, " Let them all be as
one, even as we are one" (John:17) This WILL come to pass

for everything spoken by Christ, ( the greatest prophet )
cannot fail! The men who divided the Churches into

the many denominations, that exsist today, were NOT lead
by Christ to do so, for the contentions and strifes that

they caused were not done in the love that Christ gives
a man for his brother. I do not imply, that they were not

forgiven for this, because our merciful Lord died for all
sin, and all of whom ask, and turn away from sin, ARE

forgiven by Him. I am just saying that when THEY CHOSE
to divide, they were not following scriptual teachings.

Paul spoke " let there be no divisions among you". We are
also taught " to all believe the same thing, be ye of one

accord". With men being so different in their upbringing,
How is it possible? It is possible, and also done BY ALL,

of whom belong to "the body of Christ" for these are lead,
and taught by God himself, through the Holy Spirit. Only

God can teach you HOW, to serve Him, His way. Does not the
spirit of truth say " I shall teach you ALL, things" and

when He is come, He shall reprove the world of SIN, and
of judgment, and righteousness. Also the word sayest, the

spirit IS the best teacher. No bible college, or seminar
or theology instruction, can do, WHAT THE SPIRIT OF GOD

CAN DO, for when the Lord teaches you something, you will
NOT, forget it! It becomes imprinted into your heart, to

the point where even satan cannot "snatch away" these
words. For what the Lord does, no man or spirit can undo!

Does not the Lord say, " Let no man decieve you", HE wants
to be your teacher, and final authority. How can a man be

taught directly of God? Ask for forgiveness of sin, repent
and turn away from it, then once you are forgiven, you

are no longer "cut off" from hearing the voice of Jesus
Christ! For He says,... "as many whom are OF the truth,

shall HEAR MY VOICE. When you confess sin, and repent:
then your robes are washed by the blood of Jesus! YOU

BECOME one who is "of the truth" for Christ is the truth.
" I am the life, the truth, and the way", sayest the Lord.

When you do the above, as He asked us to do, The Father
sends you, Christs Holy Spirit, and it is the very voice

of Jesus, that you will begin to hear! For it is written:
The Holy Spirit, shall lead men into ALL truth. It is

important that you "listen" for His voice, and HEED, what
He tells you to do, for to not do so, is sin. For the

spirit cannot lie, and if you let temptation cause you to
"give in" to sin, then you become "cut off" from the

council of Him. This too can be forgiven, for Christ died
for all sin, all one need to do is ask forgiveness, repent

and turn away from it, and the devil HAS, to flee. Then
you will again " Hear the voice of the Lord". Even a man

who avoids sin, through the power of Christ, will still
give the devil a place, and sin at least seven times, for

this too is written: (proverbs) A just man shall fall
seven times, but HE SHALL GET BACK UP. This is a teaching

tool of the Lord, to purge the seven abominations that
ARE, in his heart! For the word says " When a man first

begins to speak aright, (rightly dividing His truths)
believest him not, for there are seven abominations in his

heart" (KJV). One may ask how can a man who has been cut
off from the Lords teaching, by sin..know how to get back

up? The answer is this: Once you have confessed Jesus and
have recieved His Holy Spirit, you are sealed into the

kingdom of God, so Christ himself, prays to the Father,
and you are sent the spirit of conviction, which causes

you to confess the sin, so that you will not only be taught
but will then come back into right standing with God. So

when you see a Christian "in sin" you should admonish him
in love. But at the same time realize ye this: This

happens to all whom have confessed Christ, for it is
written in His word, and cannot be changed. So call ye

no Christian, a hippocrite: for all will sin, at least
seven times, BECAUSE IT IS WRITTEN. They SHALL get back up,

for this too, is also written. It is a teaching tool of
the Lords, to show men His way, instead of mens. So in

short, Christ is NOT, comming back for a sinning Church or
a divided one, but one that "is without spot or blemish".

The walls of separation that have now divided the Churches,
shall come down, because when the love of Christ comes


The "real" Church, is in the heart..the temple IS, the
body. As far as what name is on the outside of the place

where ye gather to worship, this will NOT, have any
bearing on his judgment. For the Lord God LOOKS at what

is on the inside of a mans heart, to judge. So to those
who have recieved the holy spirit, and have NO UNCONFESSED

SIN, and no convictions...your salvation IS ASSURED. But,
to those whom have confessed Christ, but live not by the

spirit, and walk after the flesh...get ready to confess!
For no sin can enter heaven....so go ahead and confess it,

and turn away from it...humble yourself, seek the Lord
with your whole heart, and then...listen for the voice

of Christ...AND YOU SHALL HEAR IT. Glory to God!! Then
shall we all be as one, and believe the same thing!

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