Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                   "Those Who LOVE Are Truly LOVED"

Did you ever notice how some people exude love for others...
they make frequent eye contact,  have a warm personality,
and really listen when they are spoken to?

The bible says that a certain man asked Jesus what was the most
important of all the commandments, He said "love GOD with all
thy strength, mind, body and soul and LOVE thy brother as you
love yourself.

For all of the laws of the prophets, hang on these two
commandments. It also says that "we love because Christ first
loved us." When you have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD living inside
of you, and are guided by it, then these things become easy.
Proverbs says that "a soft answer turneth away wrath" it is
hard to be hateful to some one who has unshakable faith and

loves you even when you are treating them harshly. If they
answer back to scornful words with love by saying something
like " I will pray for you" and you know that

they mean it and are not just saying it...That kind of takes the
wind of most people's sails.
People who truly LOVE are TRULY LOVED. They make no
distinctions about your race or your gender, but simply see
you for what you are.

Another human being who like them, was created in the image
of GOD. This is how GOD expects us to treat all people cause
the bible says that all men are created equal in the eyes of
the LORD.

If you want to have these qualities then simply ask GOD for
forgiveness of sin, truly repent, and pray and ask GOD for the
HOLY SPIRIT, confess the name of Jesus Christ as your savior

and the HOLY SPIRIT will come into your heart and you will be
a new creature.

Wisdom is taught by being with the HOLY SPIRIT, for it can
answer all things for it comes from the wisdom of GOD.
Every human being has different needs as far as being taught,
but the bible says that the HOLY SPIRIT "is" the only teacher.

The best part of all of this is that it is free for the asking. All 
required is that you be sincere.."to come as a child". The key
to receiving the HOLY SPIRIT is BELIEVING. There is a lesson to
be learned about the part of the bible where Jesus healed the blind men.

First Jesus asked them if they BELIEVED that he could do this, and
when they said "yea LORD" Jesus by having the power of
discernment KNEW they were telling him the truth.

So instead of just saying to them "be ye healed" HE said
"be it unto you according to your faith" I think that the reason
He said it this way was to teach others that FIRST YOU HAVE TO

Another place in the bible (I think that it is in Matthew)
It says, that when you pray believe that it will be given "doubting NOTHING."

When you throw a ball into the air you believe
doubting nothing that it will come back down.

Well to get a prayer answered you FIRST have to believe that it
will be given, as a minister I have heard many people cheat
themselves out of miraculous healings by simply saying "if" it is
GODS will then it shall be done.

Take out the IF, for it always is GODS will to do healing, for he places no
"conditions" on his healing other than this.

There was a cleaning lady I was talking to one day last year and
she said that the hospital had poked and prodded her for the last
six months trying to figure out what was her condition, and they

finally said that she had an incurable blood cancer of a new strain
besides leukemia. I first asked her if she believed in Jesus and she
said yes, I then asked her if she knew the key to divine healing and
she said she thought she did, but wanted to know what I thought it was.

I told her that she HAD to believe "doubting nothing" that it would
be done. She quickly said " I do", by having the spirit of
discernment I knew instantly that she meant it and was telling
me the truth.

Because I felt it in my HEART, I laid hands on her shoulders,
said a prayer of faith, in which I quoted scripture about healing
and told the LORD that I knew HE knew that I believed and that
I also knew that she believed.

So I thanked GOD in the prayer, for doing the healing before
I was through saying the prayer, and I added; for thou hast said
"I delight in doing the very things that men say are impossible."

She said that she felt as if she had been cured and that she had to
go back to the hospital the following Monday (this was on a Friday)
well anyways when I saw her the next Monday.

She said that the hospital run some blood tests on her (then came
back to her wanting more blood to repeat the same test) they were
astounded because they could not find ANY TRACE OF HER HAVING

PRAISE HOLY LORD JESUS NAME! You see, you do not have to be
a minister of GOD to do faith healings. All you have to do is expect 
it WILL be done for the sake of JESUS name. The father will
always honor a prayer said in faith.

For the LORD will not do a single thing more for me that
He will not do for anyone else.

The bible says that (The LORD is NOT a respecter of persons) But
He will always honor a prayer said in FAITH - for JESUS NAME SAKE!

So believe brothers GOD is still IN the miracle business...LORD


Stephen E. Monday     


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