Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

    Cryptogram "Blessed Are The Meek, For They Shall Inherit The Earth"


B eing humble, being self
L iving for salvation's wealth
E very day they are thankful giving
S eeking first the LORD, in living
S low to anger, slow to rage
E ach will share, their prudent ways
D oing all for righteous sake

A lways forgiving, of mistakes
R esisting evil, shunning hate
E ver thinking of HIS ways

T eaching by examples made
H eeding GOD, to not forsake
E verlasting loving, HIM

M oving from, all the temptations
E veryday they say their prayers
E veryway making HIM theirs
K eeping faith, not losing heart

F earing not, to do their part
O nly giving never taking
R eveling in HIS partaking

T hey are quick, in helping others
H eeding GOD, by loving brothers
E ven when they are persecuted
Y et they pray, as if recruited

S eeking what shall be HIS will
H elping not unrighteous frills
A s they long to do GODS works
L ifes a song, of prayers heard
L iving as to walk the walk

I n their words, you hear the talk
N ever ugly, or distained
H iding not, what they've proclaimed
E ver searching, for whats right
R eaching for new spiritual heights
I n their lives, they are not lost
T aking not a vengeful thought

T eaching others, as they go
H elping brothers, they don't know
E ver thankful, to the LORD

E ver learning, of GODS word
A llways truthful to themself
R eaching upwards, in their wealth
T o be humble, in their hearts
H eaven waits, when they depart

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