Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


  EYES OF FAITH              (Sermon)

The very eyes of faith, behold: and "see" and look, THRU
interpretations given them by the holy spirit.
Therefore meaning that how they see things is supernatural
as Gods word is supernatural, we perceive things NOT the
way others do, we see them in the spiritual, hence we can
"seek out" the meanings of all things, for Christ spoke

"Behold, I have told you all things,so that when they come
to pass, ye might believe".

We can "see" the very hand of God MOVE, through daily
"signs and wonders".

When you through submission take the road "ask Him first"
about all things, and will not move forward, untill you
have His answer, this enables Christs spirit to teach you
all things, for they are ALL WRITTEN, in His word!

This is how you determine that it is Him teaching you,
instead of Satan. IF what He tells you is TRUE, to the
meanings written therein THE HOLY BIBLE, then you can be
sure that it is the spirit of truth leading you!

For it is written as spoken by Christ "thy word is truth".
And also, "the holy spirit shall lead men into all truth".

To build your faith up to the point of putting on the
"mind of Christ", you have to know the Fathers WORDS, then
ACT on them, as you are commanded by the Father!
For Christ said to Pilate, for THIS REASON, came I into the
earth, to bare witness to the truth (holy bible) or Gods

Then He said "as many whom are of the truth, shall hear My

Notice that He said "are of the truth" He was talking about
the ones who confess His name, AND DO HIS DOCTRINE.

There is a big change happening here, whenever you repent
from sin and confess Christ, because Christ IS the truth,
when He comes into your heart, you go His way, INSTEAD,
of the worlds, this means that you NEVER accept mens words
over Gods word!

You have to let Him teach you the meanings written in
His Fathers word, line by line, and precept by precept,

or you will NOT be able to do righteous judgment, as
commanded by the Father in His word.

"judge righteous judgment"

ALL RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT, comes only from Gods word, and
then it must be discerned BY, the Holy spirit of truth.
(Christ's spirit) (holy spirit)

For the eyes of faith to "see" why it is written SEVEN
times in Revelation, you have to have the holy spirit.

howbeitt seven times it repeats this scripture: He who
hath eyes that see and ears that hear, let him hear what
the spirit is saying to the Churches.

This is written as a WARNING, to the seven Churches that
the epistles (letters) were admonishing them about their

Ask the Lord forgivness of sin and repent, for without
YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND the meanings of scriptures for they
are given by the spirit if truth (Christs spirit)

Confess His name, and do this, and He will give you
"eyes that see" and ears that hear, for as SOON, as you
put these on, not only does God do the teaching, but

you can put Satan under your feet, and be free of His
torment, if you put God first in all things, and seek His
answers everytime, and do them, God will bless your every
action, and He will REVEAL himself, and His Father to you
thru His Holy word. You will quickly learn that
God keeps every one of His words!

" I have set a watch over My word, to see that they are

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