Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                          Revealing Your Spirit !!    (Sermon)

When men speak words, or take action, they are revealing
WHAT SPIRIT, they are being controlled by, (or by which
spirit, THEY are letting have control).

Also, because the powers that be that were ordained by
God in the beginning, are STILL in effect, the words that
men speak, have IN THEM, an impartation of spirit!

What I am trying to say is, the message that men speak,
HAVE POWER! If they speak the truth of Gods word, then
they are speaking His message and His, POWERS THAT BE,
ARE AT WORK, God says in His word, " for I have set a
watch over My word, to see that they are performed".

If the message contained therein mens words are mens
message, then the powers that be, are of the dark, (Satan).
These always testify of the world, and the things of the
world, for they are of the world, unless they turn and
repent and be saved, they cannot know and understand the
things of the spirit. (so sayeth the word).

All faith is speaking, and praying that which is already
WRITTEN, in the bible. The reason for this is that God says
" faith comes by the hearing, and the hearing, of Gods
word! So, to SHOW, God your faith, you have to be believing
and speaking, the things that He has already said!

For to speak or do anything outside of faith, is sin!
This is why it is so important for a Christian, to know

the entire word of God, so that they can by the spirit,
KNOW, that which is going on around them at all times!

What spirit are you speaking by? For God knoweth your
heart, and those whom are in the kingdom of God, they also

will know what spirit you are speaking by, for by your
"words you are justified, and by your words, you are
condemned" says the word.

We, are not judging anything, but what the word of God
tells us to judge (judge righteous judgment} plus
"my dearly beloved, believe ye not every spirit, but TEST
the spirits, to see if they are from God".

When OUR testimony or witness is true to God, by being
a faithful witness, (our actions, and words reflect Gods
truths) then we are truly walking by faith, and NOT by

In other words, we do not let the things we see control
what we think, for we only act upon what God says, and God
ALWAYS callest the things that be, as though they are NOT.
For that is HOW, our faith works: we know and believe what
He has already said, so when that (mountain) that needs
moved, gets moved, it is moved by us, as commanded by God.
We say to that mountain, be thou removed, and cast into
the sea. God sees our faith, hears our words, and God

KEEPS HIS WORD. For as above stated, " I have set a watch
over My word, to see that it is performed". We speak the
words, and He does all of the work! Praise God!

So my brothers and sisters, check the spirit within you,
to see what spirit you are speaking by, and also those who
speak to you, test their spirit. to see if their words
are chosen by the "right" spirit. If they are not, then
you should minister to them and love them to the truth of

the Gospel, or if they will not hear you, then we should
pray for them, to stay right in Gods eyes.

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