Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

   MARK OF the BEAST!      (Sermon)  

Christ speaks to the ones whom ask Him "did not we do many
mighty works, in your name, cast out devils, and healings?"

"depart from me, ye workers of iniquity".

This should identify and make it crystal clear, that SIN
when left UNFORGIVEN causes us to deceive our own selves
into thinking that we have, "lived right" for the Lord!

The ones who are "marked" are marked by the sin that Christ
died for! There is no excuse for a man to LOSE his soul,
for Christ has made a way for us to overcome the very works
of Satan.

We are supposed to know and USE, the word of Gods truth to
deliver us from the fiery darts of the enemy! We NEED TO
STOP SQUABBLING, about personal "issues" that have nothing
to do with Gods way, or Gods word!

Not only will we have to give an account of these idle
words, but we will have to look into the Holy eyes of
Jesus, and try to explain why "we cast behind us" His
Fathers judgments and precepts, and just how we decided
that WE could decide what is right for us moreso than HIM!

Every judgment and precept that "is right" in the eyes of
the Father, is found written in HIS WORD!!

So, it can be concluded that if the work of our hands is
evil and corrupt, and our thoughts are wicked, and we have
not sought forgiveness, nor repented, that WE ARE "MARKING"
ourselves with inequity!

When we deny the POWER, of Christ, by not being a "doer"
of Gods word, then in effect, WE GIVE POWER TO THE BEAST!

Proverbs sayest " the power of life and death, is in the
tongue, and those whom love it shall eat the fruit thereof"

If your tongue is speaking what you "think" instead of
what you "KNOW", to be the truth of Gods word, as revealed

to you by His spirit, then you are also giving power to
the beast, by perpetuating the lies of the Devil!

Do not allow what men say and think to be "received" into
your heart unless you KNOW, it to be the truth of Gods!
For when confusion and doubt enter into your mind, then
this is WHEN, the enemy comes and steals the word of
Gods truth that has been sown into your heart.

For it is written" When someone hears the word of God, or
the good news of the Gospel, and they understand it NOT,
then says the word, the Devil cometh instantly and steals

the word from their heart. This is why we have to KNOW
what we believe, and stand on it without guessing about
anything, for the word also says "behold, I have told you
all things, so that when they come to pass, ye might
believe". ManofGod

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