Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"As A Child - Raises His Hand Unto His Father"


As a child raises hand to FATHER, So shall men do unto me

When they sow beside all waters, and have faith as should be

They ask me what they will, and I incline my ears

For they know that faith works wonders, When I cast away their fears

I will grant them supplications,  asked in JESUS name

For therein lies the promise MY words have given them

No thing too small, No thing too great

It Is something I will do, When you ask the GOD of wonders

And have faith, to know it's true

When your hopeless and heartbroken, JESUS CHRIST,  is right there

If you will reach to I the FATHER, I  dissipate despairs

If you think that you can make it , On the world, all by yourself

Then friend you are mistaken, For My treasures, are not wealth

So be true to thine own self, Put ME first above all things

And I shall be your FATHER, and will pour out all My blessings



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