Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                     NEVER ACT, on WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT!!     (Sermon)

In as plain speech as the Lord allows: NEVER ACT ON WHAT
YOU THINK!! For in the eyes of the Lord it will ALWAYS, BE
the wrong answer!

The reason for this is, the Lord already has spoken into
exsistence this: "My ways are not your ways, and My
thoughts are not your thoughts".

And also: " Lean not unto thine own understanding".

This clearly means for people whom know and walk with the

When God is put in His PROPER PLACE, (number one, in all
things) then you have submitted to His holiness, and
will use the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to "lead" you
into all truths.

it is time to make a decision about anything, and ACTING
only what YOU KNOW, is the truth of Gods,

can one be a "doer" of the word!

Proverbs also reads as "there is a way that seemeth right
unto a man, but its end thereof is DEATH".

This is because there is ONLY, one "way" in righteousness,
and that is the WAY OF HIS FATHERS WORD. As revealed by
the holy spirit of Christ Jesus!

The same spiritual laws that were upon Jesus, He has given
to us as well.

To destroy the very works of Satan, we have to "die" to
our works of the flesh, and wash our robes in the blood of
the Lamb, by purifying our minds, daily.

We do this by "renewing our minds" by thinking about the
mighty and many works that God has wroght among us,. and
many generations before.

His commands come by us submitting ourselves to His way,
His way is "the truth, of His Fathers word".

" As many whom are, of the truth, shall hear My voice"

If you are just a "hearer" of Gods word and not a "doer",
than no matter HOW MANY, "righteous" things that you think
you have done, ye are as chaff in the wind!

To KNOW, that it is Christs voice that is leading and
directing your thoughts, they HAVE TO AGREE, with what
is written in the scriptures!

" I change not, neither does My word change" for He is the
same yesterday, tomorrow, and forever!

If you have not submitted, YOUR MIND, to the works of God,
then you have given the DEVIL, a playground!
For it is written "even the thoughts of the wicked, are a
abomination to the Lord".

This is because of what the Lord Jesus said: "He who
gathereth not with Me, scattereth abroad". And also:
" He who is not for me, is against me".

There is NO SUCH THING, as doing "part time" work for the
Lord! Either ALL, of your witness is true to Him, or the

"leaven of the pharasees" (lies of the devil) have caused
you to deceive YOURSELF!

The testimony of men, (men's words) instead of Gods
truths, are the TOOLS OF THE DEVIL, for they always come
short of what God has said in His word!

When someone speaks to you ANYTHING, that is not true to
the one true witness, (what the Lord knows to be true),
and you BELIEVE, it and act on it, INSTEAD, of asking the
Lord, or seeing what He says in His word about it, then

YOU, "give the Devil a place". It will cause you to
stumble, because it shows the Lord that you are willing to
take men's word over His!

The words "be ye not deceived" is talking about this very
thing! Men do this everyday, and by doing so, they sow
EVIL and they REAP EVIL!

Men who care more about what others think, instead of
God, are not lead by God! Sure their package from the

outside LOOKS, sincere and caring, but inside they are
as ravening WOLVES! The word of God says that these will
be exposed BY THE FRUIT that they produce.

The witness they bear will not glorify Christ, but
themselves. They are more concerned with telling you what

THEY have done! (bearing witness of themselves, moreso
than the testimony of Jesus Christ!

Revelations says " all of whom have overcome, (sin) have

Let the spirit of Christ, KEEP YOU, from the hour of
temptation, that shall come upon all of the earth.

If you wish to do His will, and choose blessings over
cursings, then ask Him first, BEFORE, you decide anything!

Because you seek Him, and ask Him first, HE WILL ANSWER!
For it is written, " I honor those whom honor Me"
(His word). However to get your answer quickly you HAVE

to be obedient to His word, or at least be willing to
start being, for He knows your heart, BETTER than you do!

Proverbs also says, " a spiritual man, studys and ponders
His answers, before speaking" (what He is doing is

looking to the LORD, for the answer, for He KNOWS, that
ONLY, the LORD, has the right answer!

If you have confessed Christ, but have let yourself get
tangled up, in the world, (instead of His word) then I ask

you to repent, (turn away) from sin, for as long as there
is unforgiven sin (unconfessed) then sin has separated
you from the counsel of the Lord.

He wants to use the spiritual gifts He has given you, to
bring others to Him! We are in harvest time!

Jesus spoke: the feilds (the world) are ripe for the
harvest, sayest the LORD, of the harvest, but the laborers

are few. Pray ye therefore that the Lord will send fourth
laborers into the harvest!

The words says " the Lord is faithful to forgive" He will
do so as soon as you ask, and turn away from it!

He wants to bless you abundantly, comming in, or going
out! He wants you to BE A BLESSING also, to all who you come
into contact with.

He WANTS to give you, the desires of your heart!

"Seek ye first, the kingdom of God, and these things will
be added unto you".

He also says "if you want to KNOW ME, then KNOW, My word".

Yet many who say they have confessed Christ, DENY the
power thereof, by denying Him the ability to do works
through them! They seldom study or pick up Gods word!

Do NOT ALLOW yourself to be like others, when Christ
Himself wants to show Himself in YOU!

For He says in His word to these, whom do not the will
of His Father:

" I never knew you, depart from Me, ye workers of

The Lord sincerely urges you to read His word, and see for
yourself, Gods words are true, and He wants to prove it
to YOU!

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