Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


To ALL, whom believe and do the Fathers will. Let us
reason together and consider the following.

In some states and counties, it is against MAN'S law, to
have prayer at school, yet you have raised up your child
to be faithful.

Since your child was old enough to understand the basic
concept of God, His word, His spirit, His Law and His
teachings, you have "trained Him up" in the "way" that He
should go.

As a faithful "doer" of the word yourself, by the time
He/She is mature enough to understand these things,
The Lord has had you to impart to them the importance of
blessing their food, and praying for the healings of
others, ect. ect.

For Jesus sayeth " Lest a man eat of My flesh, and drink
of My blood, He hath no life in him" (spiritually)

Then you find out, that in your county, it is against the
law, for you child to pray at school. Do you tell him
He should stop blessing his food because of this?

Let us go to the Fathers word for the answer, and let His
Holy Spirit within you, be your guide in your discernment
of what would be "right in His sight".

The word of God does say " for Christs sake, obey the local
laws and ordinances, that are set in place by those whom
are set in authority over you".

Howbeit, this does NOT settle this matter, because you
cannot take one scriptures meaning, without considering
the ENTIRE WORD OF GOD, along with it.

This is why Christ said "the scriptures cannot be broken".
One has to study and learn, all of them, to fully grasp
and understand (line by line, and precept upon precept)
How the Holy spirit of truth teaches us HOW, to DO
"righteous judgment".

For the words of God, ARE NOT SUGGESTIONS, but commands!
Such as "judge righteous judgment".

We know that this is also written... The laws of God,
supercede, (override) the laws of men".

WHEN? When does the law of God override the laws of men
then? When the mans law goes AGAINST what we know to be
right, in the sight of God!

For again it is written " that which is done outside of
faith is SIN".

So what is the answer to the first question, if your child
is used to folding his hands, closing his eyes, and asking
the Father to bless his food?

Since we know that it is also written "pray ye not as the
hippocrites, to be seen of men.

We can be sure then by the word, that the folding of hands
and the closing of eyes, in good and acceptable in a
PRIVATE setting, but not in a public one!

For we are also instructed in the word concerning prayer:
"Go ye to your private closet, and pray ye AS IN SECRET,
to the Father, and the Father, seeing you pray as in
secret, will reward you openly"

So, when we take all of this into consideration, we can
tell our child to continue to bless their food, but to do

Explain to them, that God knows and hears their every
thought, so, all they have to do is: think silently to
God, bless this food, in Jesus Holy name, and God will
hear and accept their prayer, the same as He would if they
had been on their knees, hands folded, and eyes closed!

Contrary to some men's beliefs:

Our prayers, when we are "right" with God, are honored
whether they are said aloud or not! Our faith is released
to the very throne of God, WHETHER SPOKEN, OR THOUGHT!

Bless you and yours, from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


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