Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                              GIVE, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU!        

The LORD of Hosts and God of Israel sayest: The earth is
mine, and all of the fullness thereof! All of which came

out of the earth: the gold, the silver, diamonds, rubies,
every precious stone and materials BELONGS, to the LORD.

Yes, there be many which say, this field is mine, for I
own the only bank in town! Yea, sayeth LORD God, thou hath

a deed with thine name thereupon it, but when I call you
home, are you bringing it with you? Of course not! For

into the world naked thou came, and thou shalt leave the
world the same way that thou camest in! The point here is

it really, ALL belongs to Him! If He has given you
stewardship over whatsoever thou has, then bless His holy

name for doing so! Know ye not that no matter what ye "own"
in your own eyes, ye are merely temporary possessors of it!

For surely after you have gone home to Him, He will
appoint someone else stewardship over it! Since God is the

real "owner" of it all, it is HE, and only HE, that gave
you the ability to get it in the first place! You may say

well NO-ONE ever gave me anything, I worked very hard for
everything I have ever gotten! How VAIN is that? In the

SIGHT, of the risen, LIVING, God, IT IS VAIN! Had he not
GIVEN, and blessed you with BREATH, health, intelligence

and ability, to do anything, surely you would have not
been ABLE, to get any of it! Praise God for what He has

given you, in these things! Think of the less fortunate
whom were born crippled, blind, or in a third world

country where even clean, safe drinking water is scarce!
The LORD says, "it is I, whom giveth the ability

for thee to get wealth". Know ye not that he also says
"give, and it shall be given unto you" pressed down,

shaken together, and running over! So, in short, if your
MAIN FOCUS, is what you can GET, out of others, instead of

what can I give...know ye not, that in the sight of God
that this is self-serving and covetous, and sinful? The

MOST valuable thing, in the sight of God, that you can
give to others, is the truth of His word! (buy the truth

and sell it NOT) (proverbs)
Are you TIRED, of struggling from paycheck, to check,

barely making ends meet, to put food on the table, to
provide for your family? God says to you..TRY HIS WAY,

GIVE, and it shall be given unto you! Except, since God
OWNS EVERYTHING, when He multiplies it back to you, it

WILL BE, 30 fold, or 60 fold, or to some 100 times, MORE
THAN YOU GAVE HIM! It is a test of your FAITH! If you

do not think that HE can do this, then God says (prove me)
in other words...test Him on this! it works, every time!

Why do you think that the widow, in the bible gave God her
very LAST TWO CENTS? Jesus said " She had given out of

HER NEED! See, the two cents she gave were not enough to
do what she needed to be done, So out of her NEED, she

He could and WOULD, multiply it back unto her! You see,

she knew, what God could and would do, with that two cents.
She SHOWED GOD HER FAITH, by giving all that she had! I

am in no way telling you, to give all that you have, but
simply stressing a point. If you give God NOTHING, what

does He have from you, that was given in faith, that He
can use to multiply it back unto you? If you are struggling

with poverty, then simply give something to God to use for
you, so that when you release your faith, in the giving,

He can, BREAK THE BACK OF YOUR POVERTY! He promises in

Prove Him on this! It is NOT, the AMOUNT given, for the
poor widow, could only give two cents..but she KNEW, that

God would be faithful to His word, and multiply it back
unto her! Thats what FAITH, is all about, trusting GODS

WORD! Why do some receive 30, some 60, and some 100%? It

is because of WHERE IT WAS SOWN ! If it was sown into
GOOD SOIL, the return will be one hundred fold ! What is

Good soil? It is where God is working! By the Holy spirit,
it is where His anointing, His truth, His blessings are

plainly seen! I have operated this ministry for over three
years, and I have never once, asked anyone for as much as

a dime, simply because I believed what God says about
"freely ye have received, freely give" so that is what I

have done, but the Lord spoke to me tonight saying, Ye have
done everything, I have asked you to do, by defining and

magnifying the meanings of My word, through the Holy
Spirit. But you can be even MORE OF A BLESSING, to others

by giving others the chance, TO BREAK THE BACK OF
POVERTY! How so can I do this? I asked Him. Tell them to

test ME, on this, so that I may PROVE TO THEM, that I keep
My word, in EVERY ASPECT! If they cannot give but two

dollars, I will see to it, that they get back $20.00!
If they can give $10.00, I will return back to them $100.00

If they send $100.00, I will return to them $1000.00!!
And so on, and so on! I CANNOT BE OUTGIVEN, sayest LORD

GOD! Now is the time, for the end time harvest, and I know
that My people NEED MONEY, to further the ministry of the

Gospel! Prove Him on this! Pray first, and ASK YE HIM,
has He instructed this! I am the only person whom has

through His spirit, developed and maintained all written
material on this entire website, solely for the glory of

God. Only by obeying His commands, and seeking His face
daily, has HE allowed me to develop this website ministry,

into what it is today. You can look at the numbers on the
hits counter page and SEE FOR YOURSELF, just how much, HE

is in the process of exalting His words on these pages!
It started slowly, then for a six month period, it averaged

around 1500 "hits" a month, then in one month He doubled
that to 3000 "hits" a month, then 4000, a month..and in

this month on the 16th day of the month it had reached
past 2500. Today is the 17th day of the month, and it is

already 3000. He says that by the end of this month, I
should see 6000, for the month of January! If you will

notice on the count page, you will see only 600 or so hits
to the homepage! What this means is, it is people like YOU

(His sheep, know His voice) meaning that the majority of
"hits" came NOT FROM, people just "finding it" on the web,

but people who KNEW, that it was HIM DOING IT ALL,

because they KNEW, that every sermon came from ABOVE, by
divine revelation! And that they would NOT FIND "OPINIONS"

on this site, but simply a man of Gods, who was moved by
the Holy Spirit, to rightly divide the truth of Gods word!

In today's "fallen Churches" How much spirit led preaching
do you find, that is simply straight bible teaching, that

is not "leaning to ones own understanding", or teaching
secular, denominational, ear tickling messages, that are

moreso tuned to things that MEN, hold highly esteemed,
than what our Holy Lord Jesus would have taught? For it is

written, " the things that men highly esteem, are an
abomination to God".

A man must truly be blessed by God, BEFORE, he can be a
blessing to others.

Pray, and ASK GOD, first! HE will tell you to prove HIM
on what is written here! For we are told to "test the
spirits, to see if they are of God!

All donations to be made out to: Stephen Monday
113 Colette Drive
Monroe, Louisiana 71202

Remember: it is NOT, the amount given, but the act of
showing God your faith. If you do not send but a dollar,
It gives God a chance to prove HIMSELF TO YOU, by
multiplying it back to you! All things are possible with
God, if you ONLY BELIEVE, doubting NOTHING!

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