Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                           A HOUSE DIVIDED!!

Christ spoke saying " a house divided cannot stand".

When Paul told the Church" let there be no divisions among
you", he was admonishing them to not strive against man.

He whom causes contentions, scatters abroad, saith the

For he, by being an OFFENCE to my word, goes against My
truth, in putting his/their way, before even considering

This self-righteousness, I santify NOT. This is the very
spirit of error and antichrist, I said would show
itself as the "beast" whom would have rule over the
nations, spoken in Revelations.

This had to come to pass, just as all things that I have
told you always do, for when I say" scripture must have
needs" I have as well said: because I spoke it, prophecy
had to be fulfilled.

The "apostacy" or falling away from the faith (the word)
(My spirit)
The abomination of desolation spoken of in Matthew, and
also of in Daniel, were simlitude (parable like prophecy).
This "abomination of desolation" is

abomination (sin, or something God hates and detests)
desolation (empty, or in ruins) KJV

The meaning of what Christ was speaking about was having
empty vessels (hearts without Him) in the Church.
The temple, being the heart (where Christ lives)
(stand where it should not) let the reader understand,
the only holy place is where the holy spirit lives, and
this abomination to Gods sight, is an all out rejection
of His holy teachings for only the remanant holy spirit
led Churches, are teaching holy meanings for My Holy Word.

But this house divided is falling very quickly, FROM THE
The spirit of truth has come! Just as promised, He exposes
the man of sin, for the great light has shined upon the

gentiles. He reproves the world of sin (turns it upside
down) and shows men how to do righteous judgment!
This is the "standard that is raised" that destroys the

works of the Devil.
For it's foundation is Christ, whom is the truth and His
Church are doers of the word, which rein with Him in power.

The house divided, Christ spoke of is todays Churches
whom mind themselves moreso with the things of men than
the things of God.
The hour of testing is come upon all, and Christ is

looking down even as He allows the fires to be kindled,
which will purge evil and sin from within with fire that
is 7 times hotter than hells.
But be ye of good cheer, for I have overcame the world,

and it is I whom will keep those in the hour of testing.
The falling down of Satans Churches is the tribulation!
" All shall know Me, and serve Me in spirit and truth"

For I have poured out my spirit on the earth, and when the
sons and daughters prophesi, the works that follow will be
the "greater works" that Christ spoke of!
Christ said also" Blessed and holy are they whom takest

part in the first resurrection"
This awakening, which give men (by My spirit) the ability
to have works by doing righteous judgments, comes from it
being the "appointed time", where judgment and justice
and love begins at home.

We will be spared the wrath of God, on ourselves but we
will be here to witness it. Cannot ye see that my judgment
has came down, as we are living in the last days, in which
I fight this battle, "for the battle is MINE"

My sword (the word of God) comes to not bring peace, but
Have I not said for ye to come out from the evil doers?
For only then in holiness of My teaching can I bring this
fold, and have them " all of one accord" believing and

speaking the same things, which ushers in, unity of faith!
I am a jealous God, and thou shalt not place any thing
(real or made-up) above the name of My Son Jesus, and His

In Revelations where I say "Babylon has fallen" this is
where My sheep are separated from the goats, because they
have by My spirit put sin underneath their feet, and they
shall do exploits.

The house that is divided and cannot stand is any and
every Church or organization, that puts their beliefs
before mine, they have cast My words behind them.
Since the indignation has been fulfilled, Satans time left
has become even shorter for behold I have spoken
"The blood of all of the Prophets, shall I require at the
hand of this generation" Then does this mean that WE ARE
THE VERY ELECT? Amen, for that is exactly what it
means. ManofGod

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