Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                      "No-one can OUTRUN the LORD!!"

"A man can run from the LORDS will by "casting His words
behind him", but he cannot hide, nor get away!

For the word of the LORD is true, and the things that men
do, the LORD holds them accountable. "for no man doeth any
thing in secret".

God said "there will always be a time of sowing and a time
of harvest".

The accountability we give is either the giving of thanks
and praise, in spirit and in truth in all things, or a
denial of the power of Christs work and works!

This means that literaly "what we gives others, so also
shall we recieve the same" for "whatsoever a man soweth,
that, shall he also reap".

How many times, in everyway and everyday, has the LORD
paid back men, through grief and oppression, for when I
sayeth in my word " I will recompense, I will repay"

Have not men come to realize that when they give the Devil
a place, by taking men's words over Gods, EVIL BEFALLS
THEM!!! Is anyone taking notes?

By giving offence to yeselves, by believing men over Me,
ye have done evil, and as so, ye have also reaped the same.
GIVE IT UP! This "control, you THINK, that you have of
things, is ONLY in your minds"!!

Know ye not, that it is God, and Him alone, whom is in
control, of all things, at all times!

He gives us a choice, every hour of every minute of every
day, to choose his way, OVER, me's way. Have I not in

EACH AND EVERY MAN, devised a way of having My truth
catch up to your ways, and EXPOSE your nakedness, for

"The day of the LORD cometh as a thief", means that by
His spirit, God shows himself to every man, and maketh him

cry out in his spirit, LORD hath mercy! Meaning that when
men first encounter, the LORDS ways, they are NOT READY.

They "see" through Christ, their own nakedness, their own
blindness to His truth, and need of salvation!

"When the spirit of truth shall come, He shall expose the
man of sin, the Son of perdition".

The day of the LORD, cometh to all men, but not to each
man, on the SAME DAY!! This is mens thinking.

The day of the LORD comes when a man realizes that God
IS IN CONTROL, of all things, for he sees either His wrath
or His Love, and realizes that His wrath IS HIS LOVE!

For even it, is the saving grace, that shows us the error
of our ways, that makes us turn around, and put sin
behind us, to serve Him in spirit and in truth (His word).

This is the "testimony of Christ Jesus that everyone whom
overcometh hath: His word and His spirit abiding within,

and reining and ruling "with Him" destroying the very
works of the Devil". ManofGod

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