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          How to Increase Faith:
 Increasing FAITH !

The Holy bible says "faith comes by the hearing, and
the hearing, of the word of GOD". I do not believe that the
repeated word "hearing" is a misprint.

I believe that it says it this way to make a point. The
point is to hear the word of GOD, and hear it again. When

a person reads, do they not in effect "hear" the words in
their own mind? Of course. Another way to hear the word of
GOD, is to get into a good bible based church.

I believe that when Jesus healed the two blind men, He
was not only showing others the glory of GOD, but also

The lesson He wanted them to learn, was you must first
believe, to receive. The reason I know this is because of

the way Jesus did it. He could have just said " be ye
healed, and they would have been. Instead He asked them

first "believe ye Me that I can do this?" When they said
yea LORD. He then said unto them ,"according to your faith
be it unto you".

Do I take this to mean they would have not been healed
had they really not believed? Yes I do, for He would not

have said "according to your faith, be it unto you". This
was for the benefit of the onlookers, in so they could
learn, that it was a requirement for it to work.

The lesson learned here was, it is a requirement of
the LORD, for the person being healed, to believe they
would be healed, in order for it to be given.

Unless, the person being prayed for is "knocked out".

I have seen people cheated out of a divine healing, simply
by saying " if it is the will of the LORD, it will be done".

The little big word "if" conveyed the thought, they had a
seed of doubt. When you doubt the word of GOD, you are in
effect doubting GOD.

When you throw a ball into the air you believe "doubting
nothing" that it will come back down. The same is true when
you pray.

Matthew says " when you pray you must believe doubting
nothing" it will be given. Likewise when you pray for

another's healing, the person being prayed for has to be of
like mind, that is they have to expect that it will be done.

The person saying the prayer has to believe the same. For
if the seed of doubt is present in either party, it shall
not be given.

Because the seed of doubt, comes not from GOD, but from
the devil. He wants nothing more than to cast a stumbling
block in front of the healing.

When he does this, he is causing the person, to not
fully believe in GODS almighty power. Being the master of
deception, he knows the tiniest seed, will cause failure.

If you want to increase your faith in GOD, then simply
increase your faith in the word of GOD. I have heard a few
people say "well men wrote the bible, not GOD", this is true

but the people who GOD gave His word to, got it through
the holy spirit. The holy spirit is of GOD, and cannot lie.

First John says "in the beginning was GOD, and the word
was with GOD, and the word was GOD". So, we can believe the
word of GOD, because it is in fact of GOD.

If we say that we believe in GOD, how can it be possible
to not believe in His word? When we learn to trust GOD

fully, then we also must trust, the same amount in His word.
When we do this, we are in fact, increasing our faith in

GOD knows every man's heart, and if we say that we trust
GOD, but trust not, in each and every word, of His word,

we are doubting HIM. The word of GOD says " if you want to
know ME, than know My word. The LORD says " I change not".

Therefore His word changes not. The word of GOD, is the
only absolute truth, on earth. The difference between men's

truths, and GODS truth is this: men's truths are always
subject to change, where GODS truth never changes.

So to sum this up, let us put full faith in GOD, and His
word. It has been said " I do not fully understand some of
the scriptures".

If you want more understanding of scriptures, then do this

First, ask GOD for forgiveness of sin. If you say "you are without
sin" then you are deceiving yourself.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD. Once
you have been forgiven of sin, then you have a pure heart.

It is necessary to have a pure heart, in order for the
holy spirit to dwell inside you. If you are not sure if you
have the holy spirit,

take the steps above, and ask the LORD, to give you
the gift of the holy spirit. The bible says "The holy

spirit, shall lead men into all truths. If you want to
understand the scriptures, get the holy spirit, and ask the

Lord to give you wisdom, and understanding of the scriptures.

It shall be given, When you have a better
understanding of GODS word, then you have a better
understanding of the LORD.

Therefore, to build up your faith in GOD, build up your faith
into His word. When you know
the absolute truth, hold on to it,
revel in it, abide in it and HE will abide in you. Your faith in HIM
and His word will increase.

Then, with the holy spirit of truth, you can discern all
things spiritual.

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