Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

   "HOLY INTERPRETATIONS "   (Sermon..The Mind of Christ)  

Dearly Beloved: The LORD of hosts, and God of Israel
WANTS to reveal HIMSELF to you!

The God of heaven, shows Himself to be Holy and true, and

He does so, each and every moment of every day, by proving
that HE keeps His word!

For HE sayest: " I have set a watch over My Word, to SEE
that it is performed".

You already know who this "watcher" is....Jesus Christ!

He is alive and reigning on His throne of glory, even as
you read this, He is watching YOU!

For the Word hath spoken " The eyes of the LORD, are in
every place, beholding the good and the bad".

He sees your every move, in public, behind closed doors,
above ground, underground, where ever you are, HE IS!

For He said: " I will never leave you, or forsake you".

You may ask, Where was God when my brother/sister was
killed in a car accident?

Where was God, when the half a milllion dollars in My
investment account was robbed by ungodly men? Or where
was HE, when my child was born with abnormalities?

He saw it ALL! He saw your tears, your resentment, HE heard
you when you blasphemed His Holy name in anger and
frustration! Yet HE STILL, loves you and forgives you!

Why did not He do something, you may ask? Because, all
judgment has been committed to the Son (Jesus) and the Son

For HE changes not, He is the same today, yesterday and
tomorrow, and forever!

How could HE come to your rescue in these matters unless
you believed in Him enough to call upon His Holy name?

How can He honor His word, if people will not care enough
about Him, to believe what HE says, INSTEAD of what men

If you "do your own thinking" and rely on your own ways
of doing things, INSTEAD of His way, then automatically
Satan is guiding your every move and step!

If every move you make is not based upon what HE says in
His word, (faith) then it is YOU, who is your worst enemy!

HE wants to change this, SO HE CAN BLESS YOU, and protect
you from the Devil, and his dark angels!

He WANTS, to give you the desires of your heart!
He WANTS, to supply your EVERY NEED, so that you have no

He WANTS, to prove His love for you, by showing you, right
here and now, that YOU CAN, take full charge of your life,
and know the outcome of your future!

For He has said: " I am the author and finisher of your

You may say, well I have tried to read the bible, but I
can not get any understanding of it's meanings!

The Holy spirit is your answer to this! I know, for when
I tried the same, I found out real quick, that I had no
understanding EITHER!

I had to humble myself, and ask the Lord to give me
understanding through His Holy Spirit!

So to begin your walk INTO, the kingdom of God, first ask
Christ Jesus to forgive you of all sin, (HE WILL)..
"for the Lord, is faithful to forgive those who ask".

Then repent (turn away) from wickedness and evil, and ask
Him for the Holy spirit, so He may guide you and lead you.

He wants you to understand ALL of His Holy word, so that He
can bless everything you do, and you can be a blessing to
everyone else around you.

Christ said " I give you a new commandment, that you love
God with all of your mind, body and strength, FIRST!
Above all things, and that you love your brother, (all men)
as you love yourself".

When you ask Him into your heart, it is HE, and HE ONLY,
that can give you the ability to do this!

For Gods love and men's love are totally opposite!
All men's love (without God) is self serving, and selfish
and care only about their wants and needs.

Where Gods love is totally unselfish, and places the needs
of others FIRST, He is a servant who serves others FIRST.
Because He knows that God sees his needs and gives him
whatsoever he desires, BECAUSE, He honors Gods will/word

For He has spoken in His word " I honor those, whom honor

If you are a new Christian, and have yet had the time to
read and study His word, so that you may know His way,

then you can STILL, even AS YOU LEARN, honor Him by
obeying the first commandment, putting HIM FIRST, in all

What is meant by this? What this means is BEFORE YOU
decide anything about anything, LOVE AND HONOR HIM FIRST
by asking HIM what to do or think, before you act or do

He WILL ANSWER you (guaranteed) for you are doing WHAT
He asks you to do!!! He keeps His word, and wants to prove
it to you, and show it to you!

For God is LOVE, and HE wants very much to show what His
LOVE is really like!

Recieve NOT, into your heart, what men say, but recieve
ONLY that what God says in His holy word!

He says to you, if a man, speaking by the holy spirit,
tells you something, you will KNOW IN YOUR HEART, that
it not only came from Him, but it will line up 100% with

It is the things you do today, that will determine what
happens tomorrow!
When you speak that which HE says to you, unto others AND
to Him, (your witness or testimony) HE WILL BRING IT TO

Change your thinking, into HIS, by honoring Him first and
asking him what to think and believe, before you decide

He will use this to show you His way, His word and it
WILL CHANGE everything about what you "think" into what
you KNOW!

Then everything you speak, will give Him honor and glory,
and will be a blessing, INSTEAD of a cursing.

For when we lean into our OWN understanding about things,
we automatically give the Devil a place to come into our
lives, to steal, kill and destroy!

That IS WHAT a "cursing" IS...speaking what men say and
think in THEIR OPINIONS, instead of honoring God enough
to ask Him first, what HE would have us to KNOW!

It is My prayer, that you all "seek first the kingdom of
God", because the chariot in which HE rides upon, IS, the
true meanings of His words, spoken in truth and in spirit.


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