Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                          By My Spirit

Christ spoke unto His disciples saying: " It is expedient
that I go unto My Father, for HE shall send the spirit of
truth (holy ghost) who shall be forever with you, and shall
teach you all things.

"He shall not speaketh of himself, but the doctrine of My
Father, this shall he speak and teach"

Have we yet to understand as Christians that the Holy
spirit that God the Father sent unto us, Is Christs spirit?
Who hath all knowledge and wisdom, and is the revealer of
secret things?

Is it not the spirit of Christ, that reveals to us that
which is His Fathers truth and will for our lives?

Has not Christ returned (in spirit) to show us what things
that must shortly come to pass, so that scripture shall
be fufilled?

Is is not Christs spirit that justifies and santifies us,
washing our robes in spirit and truth, to preserve us in
holiness and in His righteousness?

Is it not by His spirit that we can know things that have
yet to come to pass, for as the greatest Prophet, is it
not He and only He whom is "the spirit of Prophecy"?

Take heart, and be ye not moved by what your natural eyes
see, or what your natural ears hear, for the only things
that His eyes see and tell us is that which "is written"?

For anything else that comes to mind is vain, empty, void
of Him and His righteousness, and wickedness and sin.
Worthy only to be cast down as the vain imaginations of
the enemy that they are!

We are told by the Father, to renew our minds. We can only
do this by studying the Fathers word, and letting His
spirit give us the ONLY correct interpretations!

For He saith: "lean not into your own understanding". For
to do so, is outside of faith, and is sin and unholiness!

If you have just confessed Christ Jesus, and have asked Him
into your heart, to be the LORD of your life, ask Him also
to give you the Holy Spirit, and understanding of His word.

The things in your life that are sinful, and need to be
cast from you, do not try to do these things on your own.
For He said "It is I, whom give you the ability to
overcome these things.

Every prophecy, written in Gods word, that have yet to
come to pass, shall be done BY CHRISTS SPIRIT!!
Too many Christians think that Christ will come back to
save and deliver us from sin...THIS IS ERROR!!

Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit shall these
things be done! Have I not said that "in My name shall he
do greater works"? This has to be recieved by faith, that
what the word says will be done, shall be done, IN HIS
NAME AND BY HIS SPIRIT, before He splits the mount of
Olives with His feet!

For He says in His word " The bride shall be without spot
or blemish" This means that Satan has to be cast down and
placed UNDER THE FEET, of every believer, before Christ
will unite His immortal body with His Church body!

His spirit, hath He already sent, and those whom submit
to Him and let Him reign become His Kings and Preists,
who "do as HE did" and rule by devine decree!
Just as promised in the scriptures. Only they do so, only
at His every direction and command, for it is His reign!

People whom know Jesus Christ personally, GET OUT of His
way, by giving all things to Him. Letting Go, and letting
God be God! All which they recieve is by faith, (the word)
and they only speak and do that which is in accordance
with His written will and command!

If you say you know Christ, but you let HIM NOT REIGN,
by doing whatsoever you want, not putting Him first in
ALL THINGS, then ask for His mercy and forgiveness!
For you are acting on your own accord, and denying the
very power and authority, of His devine Lordship!
This is not truly loving Him, but self-seeking selfish
love, which can only separate you from recieving all of
what He wants to give!

"For as many who love Him, keepeth His commandments, and
Have the testimony of Christ Jesus" (His Truth,His Word)

If you have stumbled, then get BACK UP, for he is faithful
to forgive all who ask Him. Stop giving the Devil a place
by speaking and doing your OPINIONS, for they only
further the works of Satan, unless the only opinion you
have is that the Father and the Sons opinions are the only
truth on earth! Study Gods word, for if you know it NOT,
changes not, it is never "outdated" as some would like
you to think. It is eternal, and when you through Him,
Put it on, you Put Him on! And none can stand in your way
or stop you, for no weapon fashioned against you can

His kingdom was established on earth, when Jesus walked
the earth. His Kingdom is still established on earth,
and it is of all power and authority, and above every
thing that can be named! All it takes for you to recieve
this, and walk in it, just as Jesus did, is to believe it!

For Jesus said to His Father in prayer, in John 17:
All that thou hast given me, have I given them!
And they have recieved it!
So, go and cast out demons, raise the dead, heal the sick
and lame, tread on serpents, drink any deadly thing, and
no harm shall come to you. But to do this, it must be done
By His spirit, of love and truth, and in humility, and

"For the Kingdom of God, abideth on the earth with men,
and He giveth it to whomsoever He will".

Will you pick up His cross and follow Him? Will you say
every day, the LORDS prayer, and do the will of the Father?
Glory be to God to those whom say yes to Him! For you, HE
will make you rulers over Nations, and you will destroy
every work of the enemy! Through Him, you will be the
deliverer, and those whom pull down strongholds of the
enemy! Be ye Holy, for He is Holy! All HE asks of you is
to love Him enough to ask Him all things, about all things
and He will honor you by honoring Him, and show you how
to do righteous judgment. This is the "standard" that HE
raises up, BY HIS SPIRIT, that destroys every work of
Satan!!!!!!! Glory to Glory, Faith to Faith! Praise God!!

For we are IN THE LAST BATTLE, and it belongs to HIM.
For it is written: (speaking of the enemy) and they
overcame him by, THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY! ManofGod 

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