Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Everyone of us needs from the Holy LORD Jesus, a right now
word! His LIVING testimony, which lead and guides you into
all of His mercy, grace, truth and righteousness.

Since the Fathers word says that "our best works, are as
filthy rags", This makes it very clear, that (without the
Spirit of Christ) To show us what to believe, we deceive
ourselves into trying to self-justify.

This type of self-righteousness is religious and NOT of God.
For all whom obey the commandments of the Son, know that
each and every one of them (line by line) precept upon
precept, written in the Holy bible which is the Fathers
way, and His Fathers will, that is everlasting and
unchanging, all understanding, good and Holy!

This is why we (in our mind) ask the Lord first about
all things, so that by His right spirit that lives within
us, we will be lead to His Fathers truth, which is always
according to His way and His will.

For it is written: " I honor those, whom honor Me"
This means place Him, His word, His Way, His will FIRST
and in all things, (all things are spiritual, so He sees
all things as being spiritual)

When we answer anybody, anything, anywhere at any time
we first CONSIDER, that the living God is going to see and
hear your response, and do one or two things!

If you answer in a way that is true to what HE has seen
(as HE IS the faithful witness) to whosoever you are
speaking to, then HE will reward you with His love
because you are caring enough about Him, to be a faithful
witness to Him. Plus you are showing God, that you care
enough about your brother to be a faithful witness into
Him as well!

He honors this and blesses it with His love by answering
any and all prayers, thought requests, petitions and
other things we "give" unto the Lord to do, throughout
the course of the day, and HE does it just as quickly as
the words leave my mouth or head, He answers in thought,
so that I may answer even the question I ask Him, at
THE SAME TIME, teaching myself the answer and the other or

He is just that faithful! All we have to do to be "with
Him" through out any day, and not let the thoughts or
actions of sin separate our communications!

He does this for all whom do His will and ask Him first
so that our understanding in all things, will be the very
same understanding that His Son, Jesus haves! He wants
you to ask Him, so that He may give! It is His good
pleasure to give you the Kingdom!

Start off tomorrow morning with, first after waking,
pray the Lords prayer!
See what a difference it makes with the communication you
have with God! He will do what you have asked Him!
He will keep you from evil/temptation.
He has forgiven your sin/trespasses!
You have asked him to lead and teach you to do His will!
Amen you stand and then come before the very throne of the
Lord, and He will show you how to do righteous judgment.

This will cause you, and everyone else around you, to

As you go through the day, you will keep His joy and
peace which passes all understanding. Meditate on Him,
and the good things that He has done for every one of us,
and that will allow you by His grace and truth, to LOVE
others, the very same way He has loved and forgiven YOU!

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