Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                    WHO IS YOUR FATHER?

When Christ spoke to the Pharasees saying (those whom
accused Him of casting out devils in the name of Satan)
"Ye do the will of your Father, Satan, for ye knowest not
My Father, or ye would do His will".

He said this because had they served the heavenly Father
and known the scriptures concerning Him, they would HAVE
RECOGNIZED Christ, as the Son of God, and served Him!

Whatsoever RULES a mans thinking (self-will. or Gods will)
DETERMINES whom they serve!

For a man can ONLY ACT UPON what He gives His thoughts to!
If He has been taught by mens words (ungodlyness) to do
his and their will, instead of God Words (Holiness) Gods
Will, he cannot help but serve the devil!

Thank Jesus Christ, for providing a way out of this prison.
When we confess our sins and give our lives unto the Lord
HE begins to show us His way instead of having Satan show
us His way.

This is just simply the sin nature showing itself!
" For all which is outside of faith, is sin"
ALL FAITH, comes by the spirit of Christ whom shows us
His Fathers way of righteousness through the scriptures.

So if we have leaned unto our way of thinking about ALL
THINGS, then Satan has us right where He wants us!
This is why it is written "lean not unto thine own

In other words, ask Jesus first before we decide WHAT TO
THINK about anything, for if we do not do this, we FALL
for the lies of the Devil, which brings with it, a curse
and bondage, and gives power unto the beast!

Where to ask Jesus for His answers (HE CANNOT LIE) brings
Truth, His love and blessings abundantly!

Do you lack for anything? Does your cup runneth over with
His blessings? If not, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE
FATHERS!!! He will ALWAYS, forgive those whom ask Him
for it!

It is never too late to start over, and turn away from
doing EVIL! Let Christ Jesus restore your life and health
and wealth, and live His abundant life NOW!! Praise God!

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