Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                   ENDING TRIBULATION !!

Prophecy is fulfilled everyday, everywhere and in
everything! Hath I not said? For men CANNOT UNDO
that which I do EVERYDAY!

"In the world, ye shall have great tribulation, but be ye
of good cheer, for I have overcome the world".

We can be of good cheer for HE hath sounded the trumpet:
and by HIS spirit, HE hath ordained 144,000 who have met
Christ upon the Mount of Zion, and they follow the Lamb
wheresoever HE goeth!

They EXPOSE the antiChrist and the man of sin, and
overcometh all things with MY love. They raise the dead
heal the sick, open blind eyes, and cause the deaf to hear!

The carnal Church is being cast down! For the divided
house cannot stand! Hath I not said?

The kingdoms of darkness, I shall consume with the
brightness of My comming, for I AM the light that hath
shined upon the Gentiles! Amen

These stand before the throne of God, hath come out of
great tribulation, for by My spirit hath they overcome all

All things have I placed underneath their feet, for they
have put Christ first in all things, and they cannot
be stopped!

Have I not said? The BEAST THAT WAS AND IS NOT!

Babylon hath FALLEN! His reign is OVER! It is I who shall
restore all things and bring divine order to My house!

This is MY battle, who can stay My hand?

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