Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

   "Poetry From The HOLY SPIRIT"


The eyes of the LORD, doth see all things,
beholding the good and the bad
For darkness hides not evil deeds
Though some, may think it can

Vain imaginations think, I did this, by myself,
For they know not, There IS a GOD
And they trust ONLY, in wealth

But men of GOD know that they've got,
And so they praise, with arms up raised,
As the LAMB hath set them free

The wicked curse and stumble;
Not knowing WHY it's dark
While men of HIS rejoice in bliss
Even when life treats them harsh

For they know that when,
They go to HIM, That their reward is sure
Cause they understand, the ONE TRUE JUDGE
Will hear, and do faith's Words

They learn to be not too much moved
at the things this world is doing

But trust they do;

GODS WORD is proved,
IN the life they are pursuing


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