Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                             MEN SAY, /vs/ LORD SAYS

Men say: "what they do not know cannot hurt them"

LORD says: "it IS what they do not know, that hurts them
the MOST"

(men:) " a white lie, is spoken to keep from doing someone

(GOD:) There is NO SUCH THING, as a white lie, for all
deceit and misrepresentation cometh from the mouth of

(men:) I will do unto him, as he has done unto me!

(GOD:) He whom seeth any MAN, as his enemy, HIMSELF HATH
become his OWN FOE!

(men:) What other men see not, I shall not have to account

(LORD:) Salvation/deliverance is NOW, so accountability is
NOW, for the eyes of the LORD seeth all things, NOTHING
is done in secret!

(men:) I shall only love those who love me.

(LORD:) Do not even sinners and publicans do the same?
What reward have ye, if ye only love those whom love you?
Do good and pray for your enemies (love them also)

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