Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



Dear Beloved: Know and understand what My Father has said.
"Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap"?
What is the LORD saying here?

He is saying: The One true witness (Christ Jesus) is JUDGE
"For ALL judgment hath been committed to the Son"
As JUDGE, of us all, HE determines the express motives and
intentions of our heart,

With every thought, or deed, HE KNOWS what we intend!
When we accuse, argue, rage, hate, belittle or put down
our brothers and sisters in HIS sight, HE sends us back
the same thing!!

Can any man show me an example of where someone does hate
or rage, or sin against anyone, and does not recieve the

Can anyone show where someone gives the Fathers love and
does NOT receive the Fathers love? Heaven Forbid!

Christ loves ALL, HE died for all, all of our offences
were put upon HIM at the cross of calvary!

Should we not forgive, and lay every offence done unto us
at the foot of the cross?

Know ye not that in Gods judgment, that what ye do unto
to others, shall also be done unto you?

The ONLY way to stop getting OFFENDED, by others is to
first yourself (through Christ Jesus) stop OFFENDING!
It is HE whom gives you power to resist the Devil and do
that which is right in the Fathers sight!

Pray for those who dispitefully use you, forgive those
who have offended you. The only way to STOP EVIL is with

No-one can continue in SIN and EVIL, without having
SIN and EVIL return upon their OWN HEAD! THIS IS GODS
judgment! It CANNOT BE UNDONE, for HIS ways are fair and
just and Holy!

HE sees everything you do, in public and in private! HE
cannot be escaped from! HE knows your every thought!
You may can fool some men sometimes, but HE is never

This is why HE blesses you for blessing others and obeying
HIM! It is the LAW of HIS love! YES, it is true, we are

NOT UNDER LAW, but grace, but we ALL ARE UNDER HIS
JUDGMENTS. Right here, right now! This is why salvation is
NOW, deliverance is now!

The rod of His corrections and chastizements are upon as
many whom do not obey HIM! For it is written: I chastize
as many as I love.

Has HE not said in John 3:16 "For God so loved the WORLD"
This includes us all! HE loves us all, and HE corrects us

What you do unto others, in THOUGHT and in deed, HE
judges! If you want to be blessed, then quit sowing (doing)
EVIL and start doing good. This is the ONLY WAY to get HIS

Everything men say and do (without faith) is evil, and
will bring evil, right back upon their own heads! If you

do not know what GOD says in His word, then by faith, just
ask HIM first, BEFORE YOU DECIDE what to think!

Because if you decide what is right without HIM, it will
ALWAYS BE EVIL, and it will ALWAYS return right back upon
you! GOD will NEVER CHANGE, HIS judgments! Every one of
them are already written in the HOLY Bible!

This is how (through Christ) HE can show you how to be a
blessing unto others, so that HE can bless you, INSTEAD
of chatizing you with HIS rod of correction! HE wants to

do this for you! Learn HIS ways, through His word, and
through HIS spirit, so that you will be blessed, and you
will be a blessing unto all people!

This is why God loves a charitable giver; whether it be money, your time,
your prayers, your love to others, your thoughts concerning Him etc.

Christ spoke " I give you a new commandment: Love thy
Father (GOD) with all of thy mind body and spirit, and love
thy brother, as ye love yourselves. (all people)

Show NOT one brother, sister, or anyone MORE respect than
you do any other person! But give all people HIS love,

each the very same way! To do so will let the LORD give
YOU, the same honor that you are giving HIM, through

For when you do something for the least of one of HIS
people, You have done it for HIM, says the word.

And when you do something TO, anyone, REMEMBER you are
doing IT to Christ! For ALL the laws of the prophets HANG
upon this ONE commandment!

HE will CAUSE others to do you EVIL, if you do evil unto
them, and HE will CAUSE other people to bless you and love

These are HIS rules, and they are divine, and they prove
HIS reign and judgments are already UPON the earth!

Do these things, and watch HIS signs and wonders, EVERY
DAY of your life! For HE is faithfull to perform them!

Turn yourself from sin, ask forgiveness, for HE is
faithfull to forgive every time! Begin your life ANEW, in

"For though you sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white
as wool". Once forgiven, HE will NOT EVER remind you of
the sins of the past! Only the Devil, will TRY to do this

but you can resist these thoughts by casting them down in
Jesus name, And you can truly BE FREE! HIS ways are NOT

burdensome! He wants to show you how to give HIS love,
and have joy unspeakable, without burden or sorrow!

Then you can have the abundant life of all things, when
you first "seek the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness"
all of these things shall be added unto you! YOU can do
this through Christ Jesus, HE will guide you, every step
of the way, and you will be truly BLESSED!

In Christs love, ManofGod

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