Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

The Holy Angels Reap!

His face was like the middday sun
His robe as bathed in light
He stood beside His Fathers throne
His arm outstretched in might

His peaceful love did permeate
And charged the air with divine grace
All eyes were stilled, all knees were bent
As they beheld, all hearts were rent

Time had stopped, no more to run
The wicked ceased, and were undone
And with a shout, and trumpet sound
His spirits feet did touch the ground

His Kingdom come to rule and reign
Vast multitudes did shout His name
Our King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
Gave us the victory, WITH HIS WORDS

For what He spoke, for they who would hear it
Was not power nor might, BUT BY MY SPIRIT!
And each in his own time received
His spirit of Truth, that set them free!

And they went out, and reconciled
The nations peoples UNDEFILED
And as His holy angels reaped
HE poured His wrath, on Satans seat

His judgment unto victory came
Through angels sent, that held His name
Whom did His will, and not their own
And did establish Jesus THRONE!

So whosoever heeds His words
Hath ceased from doing their own works
They tread as angels, in HIS ways
Have you met one yet? Have YOU been saved?

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