Holy Spirit Bible Meanings



                  "The Annointing"

His annointing comes fourth with every child whom first
seeks His righteousness, His will and His way! For by
putting HIM first, you honor the Father and the Son, thus
HE honors you by showing Himself, through revealing His
way, His truth and His will.

When Christ spoke saying: "He whom is first, shall be last
and HE whom is last shall be first". This demonstrates
His servant heart, by putting the needs of others ahead
of your own.

So, is the way of the servant whom seeks His will and His
way. To do this, is to know the very heart of God! For by
doing so, HE meets ALL of your needs, for you have made
your time HIS. You honor Him first, and so HE honors

Everything you need to know, concerning any word of
knowledge,perception, and wisdom is yours, for you shall
seek His answer first. Everything HE tells you, will
line up exactly with what is already written in the
word of God!

This is HOW, you know, that it is HIS spirit that is
teaching you, and leading you into all truths. For it
is written: "The holy spirit shall lead men into ALL

All truths are already written! They are IN the word of
God, and all who know Him and His word, abide therein.
He reveals Himself to all whom seek after the spirit by
putting Him first in all things.

"For His name is above, everything that is named".
The annointed will not allow sin to come between them
and the Father. He shows us how to do this, because we
ask before we do. We "lean not unto our own understanding"
about anything, for to do so is outside of faith and is

Sure we are still human and stumble, but everytime we do
the spirit of conviction comes and causes us to confess
it quickly, and turn from it, and learn from it.

Ist Corinthians states: "when that which is perfect has
come" this is speaking of the "spirit of truth" and
the reason it is "perfect" in the sight of God, is
because it will not let sin separate us from the love of
the Father!

This simply means that when you let the holy spirit do
all of the teaching, to grow and mature you in the spirit,
you "keep" your seed. The seed IS the word of God,
incorruptable. This produces "works" for it is all
done in faith!

There is NO faith, that is not based upon the spirit and
the written word of God! For HE is the same today,
tomorrow and forever! HE changes NOT. Neither does HIS
will, His way, or His word. When HE teaches you all of
these things, you will find that every concept and
precept is based upon the written word of God, as
explained by His spirit, the "spirit of truth".

The spirit of truth, IS HIS ANNOINTING, It IS, the spirit
of prophecy, for all that which is spoken by this spirit
HE shall bring it to pass!

It is written: whomsoever confesses (His truth) and
believes it in His heart, he shall have whatsoever he
says! Let HIM prove this to you, for HE is watching and
waiting to show you these things, for HE wants to bless
you, and give you the desires of your heart.

Try it! Have you not tried everything else? Try the ONE
thing that proves itself to be true! The doing of GODS
WORD. For "HE is faithful to see that it is performed".

When you believe it in your heart, and speak it in faith
(doubting NOTHING) HE will bring it to pass everytime!
For whatsoever is done in faith (in accordance to His
will/word) THAT, is done in HIS spirit! Therein is
HIS power, for He sayeth: "not by might, nor by power,
but by My spirit".

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