Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

On The Throne Of David

On the throne of David, we set at His right hand
He puts all enemies under our feet, As we follow

His commands
We seek the lost, and do His will

Forever to follow the LAMB
His burden's easy, His yoke is light

What blessings HE pours fourth
For by His spirit, He doth reign

The uttermost parts of earth
Grace and truth, have kissed

All peace abounds within
He wants YOU to enlist

To join His ranks of brethren
The marriage supper is a feast

Where you eat, His bread of Life
He gird Himself and feeds, all needs

For the bridegroom, loves His wife
You chose not I, I have chose you

Before creations plan
I saw ye each, inside the womb

And knit you, with My hands
It is I who made you worthy

To set here, where I AM
Did not I teach ye all things?

And made you to overcome them?
Ye are My branch, I AM the vine

My grace hath drawn you near
To do My works, and be refined

To restore and persevere
It is I whom shut the door to Hell

And opened Kingdoms Gate
When I set down by My Father,

After rising from the grave
My righteousness, ye sought and found

When ye turned from your old ways
Now I send you out to reap

The bounty of the saved
Men used to think, the promised land

Was not seen, till after death!
But now you know, By My own hand

It is found, while ye still have breath!
I am the resurrection, Who restores that which was lost

And blessed are ye, whom have eyes that see
It is I who paid that cost!

Rise up with Me and gather, For none shall do you harm
Reconcile thine brethren now, for I have made


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