Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"Open Letter To The LORD"

Lord God, we thank you for your word,
Which is brought to pass, each day

Every promise that you have spoken
Is made manifest, in every way

Thank you for your faithfulness
Your mercy, glory and grace

Your mighty signs and wonders
That You, provide each day

Your love can take the coldest heart,

And melt away it's chains

It unbinds, every grip of dark
And undoes, old Satans reign

The smile upon a baby's face
Is fashioned, By thine hands

As hues within a rainbow
Reflect Thy perfect, righteous plans

Teach us LORD, to look up first
Before we interfere, ourselves

To consider all the splendors
That Thou hast made Thyself

Renew each heart, to see those gifts
Bestowed on every child

That we may live, made new again
Forgiven, and reconciled

Turn us from, the ways of men
Make plain to us, your glory

That we may raise, and praise your name
As YOU reveal your story

Give us eyes, that see your will
For all things, YOU made good

Give us hearts, to do our part
In the peace that YOU, instill

LORD please send that latter rain
That fulfills every spirit

So joy may leap, In our hearts again
At Thy voice, when our ears hear it!

We praise YOU LORD, for all you do
And receive all things in faith

For as your spirit, sees us through
YOU are always, WORTH, the wait!


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