Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

The JUDGMENT you use!

Judge NOT, says the LORD of Hosts,"lest ye be jugded"
for by the measure that you mete (use) shall be measured
back unto you.

What is the meaning of Christs words here? In simple
English, the LORD is saying " All judgment hath been
comitted unto the Son". HE is the One True Judge!

So, by faith in Gods Word (His Judgment/Will) when you
accept His word as "righteous judgment" you then USE IT
as your own!

Does HE not command us to "judge righteous judgment"?
Of course HE does! HE EXPECTS every one of His children
to let His word (the Bible) be our judge and guide, to
do that which is right in His sight!

When we admonish, reprove, or give loving advice to one
who seeks the LORD and His righteousness, we are doing
what HE asks us to do!

Like Christ said: "This doctrine is NOT Mine own, but My
Fathers", We know He was speaking of the word/will of God!

When we "by the spirit" follow IT, we are following the
way of the word "as it is written".

Of course the Devil, and the world will say that we are
to "judge not", and that we are being unfair and

When the real truth is: When we do so, we out of love
FOR THEM, are trying to lead them to the same truth that
we know is Gods word!

We ourselves are NOT JUDGING them, the Word of the Father
is judging them!

Christ spoke:" If a man believe not on Me, I judge Him
not, For he has one whom judgeth him, the WORD shall
judge him, in the last day".

My brothers/sisters we are living in the last days, the
LORD has poured out His spirit upon all flesh, wisdom
and understanding have increased! (in Gods Word) and the
saying Paul preached is comming true, even as we speak!

Know ye not, that WE shall judge the holy angels? Know ye
also, that the judgment we use by faith, (discernment)
is the Word of God? For the Word of God, IS HIS JUDGMENT!

Is it not written? He changes not, He is the same today
tomorrow and forever!

When we keep ourselves Holy in His sight, by obeying His
commandments, and following His spirit, the daily wisdom
we use in deciding every decision, are found written in
the Holy Bible.

When we avoid sin and temptation, it is Christ Jesus who
enables and equipts us to resist the Devil! "It is I,
whom give you the ability to overcome" " I will provide
you a means to escape".

Give praise and thanks unto Christ Jesus, for NO MAN HAS
the ability to resist sin and temptation own His own! If
he thinks that it is himself doing it, it becomes a snare
of self-righteousness and sin unto itself, for it is not
by faith in Christ Jesus!

This is why it is written in proverbs, "lean not unto
thy own understanding". The understanding the LORD wants
to give each and every one of us, is the understanding of
ALL of what His Father has spoken in His Fathers word.

This is why it is also written: " A double minded man,
is unstable in all of his ways". A man cannot mix together
men's teachings with Gods teachings, or He is in the eyes
of the LORD, double minded!

" A man cannot serve two masters". This is why we renew
our minds with the washing of the word, and the Holy
Spirit teaching.

"The spirit is the best teacher" says the word. also: "Ye
have but ONE teacher, and HE is in heaven".

God can and will, RESTORE everything the Devil has taken
from you, and renew your mind. But you have to repent
from (abstain, stop) doing evil!

God WANTS you to be blessed, HE wants to give you EVERY
desire of your heart, HE wants you to be healthy, and
prosper, even as your soul prospers! He wants to give you
unspeakable joy and peace!

Turn from wickedness, seek the living God, ask Him for
the holy spirit, to help you overcome these things.

HE WILL, all of His ways, are in His word, all of what His
voice tells you, you will find already written, in your
Holy Bible, this IS HOW, you can know that it is Jesus
Christ leading you, and teaching you, ALL THINGS. They
are all, ALREADY WRITTEN, in the Fathers word! Let His
spirit show you what shall come to pass, even BEFORE, it
comes to pass!

For His voice, IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, and the "mind
of Christ".

Christ has spoken to all saying " To YOU, it has been
given to KNOW the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven".
All we have to do is obey Him, read His word, be not a
servant unto sin, and HE will teach you all things, and
show you not only what is going on in the world right now,
but also what HE is doing in everyones elses life as well!

Even before it shall come to pass! Praise and Glory be
to the LORD, for it is written: "From glory to glory,
and from faith to faith". Be blessed in Christ Jesus!

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