Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"When I LOOK AT your HEART"

"It is HE whom searches and weighs the hearts of all men"
(Christ, The faithful witness) for ALL Judgment hath been
comitted unto the Son.

When we stand before the very throne of God with every
everything being witness by the Fathers word of truth:
You come face unto face through Christ Jesus, with the
Father, and writer of the entire Word of God!

His Truths are made maniest to all whom seek His answers
to all things.

Signs and supernatural wonders, follow these believers,
as the Father keeps His word upheld.

When we honor Him, by keeping Him first in all things,
He honors us by giving us wisdom and supernatural favor
and discernment about what He is doing right now.

We can through the spirit of Christ, by living His spirit
by doing the word of God, eat of the tree of life, whose
leaves are for the healing of the nations.

He is fixing to restore multitudes of life, into abundance
by setting all captives free from the vexation of sin
and darkness!

Knowledge and wisdom have increased! I am seeing a HUGE
SURGE of Gods Holy SPIRIT, being manifest and poured out
upon the whole earth, praise God! Men have learned that
GOD SEES every motive and intent of our hearts, and when
we keep ours pure and undefiled in His sight, HE gives us
the ability to SEE the motives of other peoples, inso we
may rejoice and praise, or pray for them as needed, for

the HOLY LORD, would not give this ability, without
expecting us to intercede for the behalf of the lost, for this IS WHAT LOVE DOES! The Ministry of Reconcilation that
Christ Jesus gave each and every one of us, goes AFTER
the LOST!!

And HE heals and saves every one of them!!

So LOOK at the heart of all of your motives, as well as
you LOOK into the heart of the matter, of all of whom you
love, for their own good, you are your brothers keeper!!

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