Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                               " Back to our Beginnings"

With the LORD, as my witness, I have began praying that
there will be a uniting of ministers. The purpose of this

coming together, will be for a National revival. I pray
each and every day as the bible instructs "first before
you pray for you sister, mother brother, or yourself, pray

that the civic leaders, whom write the laws that govern
this nation, will have divine influence". I have done this
and the LORD, is telling me that very soon there will be

a national revival, and a great spiritual movement across
the nation. This will cause many to come to CHRIST. As the
Holy word says "there will be a great outpouring of my

spirit". To put the words back into context, it is talking
about before what will happen next.

Men's hearts shall "wax cold", they will become "without
natural affection" "there will be wars and rumors of wars".

Nation upon nation, shall rise up against the Holy city.
Are we really this close to "the beginning of the end?"

I do not profess to know, but I do know that the signs are
starting to give the impression that the above stated is

Now is the time to accept CHRIST, for the promise of
tomorrow is not given.

This nation needs to go back to the ways it had when the
founding fathers wrote the constitution. We were largely
a country with Christian beliefs and morals.

I will keep on praying, each day that the laws that have
been written, that go against the word of GOD, are reversed.

I will keep praying for a national revival of GODS spirit
to sweep across this nation, and that people will realize

that "WE NEED HIM" to fix, what is wrong in this country.
Sixty five years ago, there were no such things as school
shootings, kids did not carry guns to school.

I suggest that WE THE PEOPLE join together in a praying
frenzy, to bring GOD first and FOREFRONT, back into lives
of the ones who are lost, hurting, oppressed, or are in any

way suffering, due to the lack of CHRIST. If you agree with
the above statements, please sign my guestbook and join me
in a prayer chain, to change things for the betterment of ALL.


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