Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


The GUILT of unconfessed sin, can hold you prisoner.
They cause your spiritual wound to fester, and will
make you bitter and resentful, angry without cause!

Jesus died and suffered so that you could be healed
mentally, spiritually, and physically!

When you beleive what men say, instead of what the LORD
of heaven has written, then you have bought the lie of
Satan himself!

Deception, fear, and doubt are all tools the Devil uses
everyday, to keep people in bondage to him! As long as you
serve sin instead of Jesus, you HAVE NO PROTECTION from
the wrath of God!

If you love the world and its ways, you are right where
Satan wants you to be! Tangled up in the ways and cares
of the world! If a bigger house, a better car, the lust
of the flesh, and a "do it unto them, before they do it to
you" is your daily mindset concerning others, you seek
only to do what feels good or "seems right", according
to what men teach.

If this describes your way of thinking, then Satan is
the one who leads your very thoughts, Him or his evil
minions, or spirits have you captive unto them!

Is there not ALWAYS something happening to cause divisions
hateful thoughts, ect,ect. Think ye not that there is a
reason for these things?

If every time you have a few dollars saved, something
breaks or tears up causing you to always be behind in
finances. If you are always fighting or accusing others
of being the cause of your problems, then know ye now,
that you are "reaping exactly what you are sowing"!

This is the LORDS doing, and HE lets it happen to you
to teach you to turn from mens way of thinking, unto HIS.
HE wants to deliver you from sin and doing evil, so that
He can bless you and increase you in every aspect of life!

He takes no pleasure in seeing your demise! If your wife
cheats on you, is it not because you have "cheated" on her
by simply looking at other women with lustful thoughts?

If people are always doing evil unto you, stealing from
you, treating you harshly, and mean, being hateful and
spiteful unto you. Treating you like dirt, less than
what you would like them to treat you like, is there not a
reason for it? Of course there is!

As long as you continue to do evil unto others, by pushing
your agenda, for your self gain, and to hell with the
rest of the world, "just as long as you get yours" things
will not change, UNTILL YOU CHANGE!

If you do not believe this, then just continue doing sin,
and evil, and it will continue to follow you around and
you will never have a moments rest, says the LORD of Hosts.

Are you at peace with the LORD and your brother/sisters?
If you are then you have let the LORD teach you that what
goes around comes around! If you do His will (His word)
none of these bad things can happen unto you! For it is
written: "there shall no evil, happen unto the just" this
is His law, and canot be broken!

All it takes is to ask the LORD for forgiveness of sin,
repent (turn from the ways of the world) and the LORD in
heaven will show you His goodness and mercy. He will
teach you everyday, about all things, and will even let you
know what will come to pass, even before it comes to pass.

You have to put Him first in all things, in thought in deed
and in loveing your brother the way you would want him to
love you. Confess Christ as LORD, and before you make up
your own mind about anything, ask Him first! It does not
have to be aloud, for even thought is prayer to those
whom are lead by Him!

For you honoring Him first, to seek Him and His ways,
(righteousness) by seeking the kingdom of God, HE WILL
HONOR YOU! None of us are more than a prayer away from
being forgiven for all things!

If you want to see the goodness of the LORD, seek HIM and
His ways, and HE is right there to show them to you!
He does not care where you were born, whether rich or poor,
He is not a respecter of persons, for what HE has done for
one He has done for all!!

Will you call on His name, and let HIM show you how to
close the door to hell, and come out of great tribulation?
He is the way, the truth and the life, and no man can find
the way without Him! HE LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE, but HE
wants you to change your way of thinking into His way!

To do so, is to be blessed in everything you do, and will
also make you a blessing to all of those around you as

He is waiting on your answer...you have tried your way,
and it has been a mess of failed relationships and
hardship after hardship, curse after curse.

Say one heartfelt prayer, ask Him into your life, and
watch HIM take everything Satan intends for evil for you
and turn it into good!! For that is what Jesus does!

Be blessed and say yes to Jesus! Amen!

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