Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                 "The Promise" 

Next time you see a rainbow

Stretched out across the sky

Remember it's GODS promise

To, not repeat that demise

Next time you see a newborn

Think , of virgin Mary's birth

And how GODS tiny child set free

The believer's on this earth

Next time you gaze in wonderment

At stars up in the sky

Ponder for a moment once

How GOD arrayed our lives

For what science says is knowledge

Is as foolishness to HIM

Men can't explain, one single thing

About how our world began

Unless they read HIS book of life

And truly believe GOD made it

Then they are lost, in worldly thoughts

In the burden that they've laid in

But we who know HIM understand

That, the LORD hath made all things

And we take comfort in his words

That have made us priests and kings

So when we hear a vain man speak

With haughtiness of heart

We humbly thank our wondrous GOD

That he made us as we are

But try we will, to teach them love

And to steer them from hells fires

Cause after all, they are humans

Who have heeded Satans lies

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