Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"The Face Of Jesus"

The picture on this page is an optical illusion. The drawing
of the face, is for the purpose of demonstartion. I know
that what you see on this page does not look like the face
of Jesus, but if you stare at the very center of the picture
for 30 or 40 seconds, without moving your eyes around, but
staying focused on the center. Then close your eyes tightly
shut, and tilt back your head, after about5 seconds or more
you will "see" a circle of light, then slowly will appear
the face of Jesus in perfect focus! This also works (after
staring at the center of the picture for 30 to 40 seconds)
if you have a white wall, you can leave your eyes open and
it will then appear slowly right before your very eyes!

In Christ, Stephen Monday


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