Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


1. He whom receive the testimony of men, testify of men instead of God, they knoweth nor
understand:the things of the spirit, but only the things of the world.

2. All men start out their lives this way as women do, untill taught by the Father God to do
otherwise (bless and curse not).

3. UNHOLY thoughts are delivered by UNHOLY SPIRITS.

4. ONLY holy thoughts are beheld by HOLY SPIRIT.

5 The holy spirit has insight into ALL THINGS, fot it looks at the innermost INTENTS OF THE HEART.

6. It JUDGMENTS ARE RIGHTEOUS, not by men's standards but by GODS HOLY standard (THE WORD)

7. When the WORD is kept HOLY, it takes command of the spirit, and it is made known by the fruits of the SPIRIT. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING OF THINGS HOLY,FAITH, PATIENCE, LONGSUFFERING

8. The gift of discernment is the ability to decide through the holy spirits guide, the DIFFERENCE

9. Only when one knows the difference between EVIL and GOOD, can one bless and curse not.

10. The difference between EVIL and GOOD is IN THE EYES of the beholder.

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