Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

"The Arm Of The LORD"

Remember the men of Galilee, who watched Christ rise up to heaven?
Are we as they, or do we see, that our BREAD is not mixed with leaven?
Every since the Masters feet, Sat at His Fathers right
Hath not Christs judgment spelled defeat, To those whom had not light?

I judge no man said Christ himself, tho judgment HE hath sent
For those whom still, Do His Fathers will
Love the lost, who have yet repented
To them He gifted righteous robes
And eye salve so they could see

That they may run, to find the lost, to reconcile them unto HE
They know His judgments MERCY
That is why they condemn not
For they also once were naked too
And were scattering with the lost

Send judgment unto VICTORY
For My love hath conquored all
HE spoke unto His angels sent
To gather great and small

Do not we all stand, before His Throne?
And give our account EACH DAY?
Has HE not given, salvation shone?
With the price, only HE could pay?

Can any show a man without, HIS price upon his head?
The sight of men is BLIND, you know
Were ye not once also dead?

What HE hath done for one, HE hath done for all
For HE respecteth NOT, the person
So count it all as joy and gain
For otherwise, ye worsen!

Can Christ speak a lie?
When HE thus said " I have overcome the world"
We know HE can't, so why lament?
Walk into those "gates of pearl"!

Show me a purpose, or intent
Which Christ hath NOT ordained,
For by His measure, all IS His treasure
That glorifys His name

The darkness cannot comprehend
The depths of His foresight
That which appears as hell-ward bound
Did it go fourth own it's own?
Or does ALL stand, under His command
As directed from His Throne?

All things for Him, by Him were made
To do His Fathers will
So nothing moves, and no things change
Where scriptures not fulfilled

The Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
Just prove that grace and truth, have kissed
As His mercy hath NO ENDS

So let your soul rejoice at this
In the knowing, His control
All things are just, for what is amiss?
As His perfect plans unfolds 09/07/07 Stephen Monday


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