Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

" To Trust in Jesus"

Do you trust in Jesus? To do as HE says?
He has shown you the Father, and all of His ways,
HE has proven His virtue, to be unsurpassed,
His flock, HE has nurtured, with His grace mighty grasp

His friends are His servants, whom have yeilded to Him
They give not lip service, nor compromise His commands
They carry no burdens, for they give them to Him
Their salvations certain, for He proves it, to them

He is their faithful witness, His judgments are just
His might and His power, Is a sure thing, to us
His signs and wonders, are majestic and true
Come ye fourth, and get under,for His covenant is YOU

Oh blessed, Is Jesus, in Him is our trust
The works of His Father, He has give them to us
He is resurrection, As an eagles wings flight
He works through His spirit, can you hear Him tonight?

Will you drink of His waters, that He leads you to
In the will of His Father, Do you eat of His fruit
There is no tribulation, when you enter His gates
Leave ye confrontation, give up misery, and hate

He has all the answers, He will show you just how
Be ye free of all cancers, for salvation is now
He has given you power, you have overcame
No lie can be told you, when you live in His name


To trust in Jesus, every step is in faith
There is never no guessing, as He shows you His ways
He is just like His Father, so faithful and sure
If He says walk on water, do not doubt, but endure

To trust in Jesus, do not heed unto men
For He tells you whats written, Thats how you know
Thats how you know, It is Him

(repeat Chorus) 9/23/07

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