Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


When Christ blessed the bread and wine, He was by example showing

how others could receive in faith "His body, and His blood"

True communion with the Father is NOT found in bread nor wine but by

partaking in that which Christ received from His Father.

When He said "except ye eat my flesh, and drink My blood,

ye have no life within you" Did HE not say "I am the bread

that cometh down from heaven"

When Christ said "even as I receive from My Father, so shall

ye also receive". To receive from the Father one must seek Him

in spirit and in truth. The communion he referred to was direct communication

WITH the Father.

Did He not say " I say nothing, I do nothing, lest I see My Father
do it, lest HE tell Me to say it? Just as HE did no thing on His own, so
are we also to "do nothing own our own" He was showing

that the example we were to follow from Him, was to FIRST receive all things from
the Father in faith, even as HE received all things from His Father in Faith.

To drink His blood, and eat His flesh, IS to "by His spirit"

partake of the same cup which HE partook of. Even as HE did "all things in faith" so are
we also to do all things in faith, for that which is outside of faith is sin.

We "by His spirit" can be taught of the Father, ALL things. Did HE not even
say "callest thou NOT me good" for there is but one good, My Father
which is in heaven? When we lean to our own understanding, it is outside
of faith and is sin.

This IS the example which HE demonstrated to His
diciples over and over again. And every disciple of His, does exactly the
same thing, for if we are lead by some other spirit other than the ONE

that is holy (Holy Ghost) then we are servants to sin, in every deed and in
every thought, thus we are captive and not free, when we do such.

So in short, true communion is direct revelation from the Father, and to
partake of this is to partake of the "bread which cometh down from
heaven" For Christ Himself is the bread!

If we are not eating of this bread
moment by moment minute by minute, we are not following after His spirit
and inasmuch "have no life within us" For whom can do righteous judgments

except those who have learned to do this?

For HE is the way the truth and the life, and if we get any answers anywhere else to
anything, then we have placed HIM last instead of first.

Let us all repent so that we may find ourselves putting Him first

in all things, for when we do this that He commands,

HE honors us, and will answer us whilst we
are yet speaking, for HE says unto you "to you it has been

given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven".
We have absolutely no reason to fear or doubt anything! Glory be to God! ManofGod

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