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NEWS  AS OF 12/22/07  Glory to God...Updated to: 12/05/13  2013

 When I first started this site out out, (year 2002) the first couple

of months averaged 6,400 visitors per month.


But glory be to the LORD, he increased it to 8,000 then 10,274,
then 10,375 per month (In 2004).

Finally last months total was 16,852! (2005)

This is simply to let those who would like to know that what the LORD
is doing with this

I write this because the numbers on the new NE1 hit counter 
does not reflect this. 

Every since Feburary 2008, this site has 
maintained 20,000 to 25,000 visits per month
and it is steadily growing. Praise God!

Glory be unto the LORD to use that which is HIS unto His glory!

For the last 6 months this site has grown to average 30,000  to 35,000 visits per month.

Last month of Oct. 2013 it broke it's record and got 38,557 visits.
I give personal thanks 
to everyone the LORD has moved on to forward this site to others. 

Last months totals are in; (November 2013) Glory be unto the LORD ...

 He has doubled the traffic 
to 60,000 (Page views per month) So far it is on track (2,000+ visits a day)
to break that record; 
of 60,000 visitors for Nov. 2013. 

Let us NOT judge by sight...(As it was counted as sin when David "counted" the fighting men)
But we can "Glory unto HIM and give thanks and praise; for HE knows exactly what HE is
doing with those whom HE leads here.

Always...Praise and glory be to the LORD. For there is nothing that happens,
which HE, hath not ordained a mission and a purpose
for! For the
Word says that "all things are under His feet"!

I would like to thank and bless each and every one of you for
supporting this ministry website, as it's continued growth is a
testament of your readership loyalty to do what the LORD asks
us to do...spread the Good News!   Please forward this site to your
friends and loved ones...as well as to those whom
need the LORDS help (each and every one of us!)

If you have a prayer request do not hesitate to email or
call me at home as me and my wife are in agreement... and
we will be quick to pray for you or anyone whom needs it.

We see the LORD do the impossible... like cure cancers,
blood cancers, deliverance from evils, and the like
EVERY DAY! Glory be to God!         ManofGod

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