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If you have trouble reading the pages in this whole site, due to the small print, then there is good news! Consider the provider or your server, if you use AOL for example, then simply go to your search box and enter

Mozilla Firefox then when the search takes you their homepage, then just download (very fast, small down load) their browser.

After installing their program, there will be an icon on your desktop.

I have AOL, but when I tried to play video, they often stopped every few seconds, then started back up, this is no fun while trying to see Gospel

Music video!  So, instead of using AOL for your browser, make or click on

the Mozilla Firefox your browser. Then you can play video uninteruppted!

As far as making ANY page print larger to great big, while surfing using

mozilla browser, here is how to increase the font size of any page, using it.

On every keyboard there is a Ctrl (key) at the bottom right. Simply while pressing down this key, then press down your + (plus) key, every time you

press the plus key, while holding down the Ctrl button. Every font on the page will increase, to where they will be very easy to read, even without glasses!

I know because for very small print, I used to have to use them. What a blessing this is for those who have trouble reading small print!

                                                                Bless you....ManofGod

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