Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Oh Father son and Holy spirit, Anoint these words for the ears that hear it

I write not for a selfish gain, but for the ones, whom need your name

For every ail, You have the cure, For the ones who will, Make their hearts yours

For THINE book is HOLY, Thoust words are true, abide in HE, and He will abide in you

The prayers asked of justly men, Are answered fast thru faith in HIM

For the savior came and done your will, So that prophecy would be fulfilled

The perfect son, The lamb of GOD, Is worthy of all kindred's love

For eternal life, HE SHOWS THE WAY, like miracles done in Jesus' name

His Holy name I pray will reach, To all of whom are in need of preaching

His wisdom taught is priceless truth, that can't be taken from me or you

His way is LIGHT, His law the LAMP, and virtue lies in HIS commands

For those with faith, HE will do all, who choose HIS grace and upon HIM call

Repent thy sins, be made anew, and He will begin to reach to you

For HE sees all the good and bad, and does reward, the faithful man

So use thy tongue to bless thyself, and be someone who spreads HIS wealth



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