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 "How Battles Are Won"


Greetings and Godbless brothers and sisters!

The song you hear playing when you arrived on this page,

Is a song the LORD gave me, concerning just exactly how

our LORD uses the afflictions of this world, to cause us

to cry out to HIM.  The man in his mind thinks he is okay

because he "believes". But as the song continues he finds out that the LORD

has plans for him. He goes to the doctor who tells him

that because he has cancer, that he has six months to live.

In his brokenness, he fall to his knees and cries out to the LORD!

The LORD seeing his broken and now (contrite) spirit, totally

heals and restores him. Thus proving that which is written

"for that which Satan intended for evil, hath HE turned to good"!

It is from our first c.d. intitled "Enter Into His Rest", and can be

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"rightly divide HIS Word of Truth".  We now have completed our second cd.

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do the same. The LORD has greatly blessed us with a new

multitrack- digital recording studio, so the sound quality of the

second c.d. is much better than the first. Our second c.d. uses 14 tracks

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