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SONG "This Is The Jesus"

Dearly beloved, here is another free sample song from our first c.d.,

titled "Enter Into His Rest" the name of the song is " This Is The Jesus".

The LORD had me compose it, and me and the wife (Joyce) sang

and performed and recorded it. The c.d. is finished now, and can be ordered

with a simple email or phone contact. It contains 12 originals that the

LORD gave us, that each "rightly divide HIS Word of Truth".

Bless you, and if you like it, you will love our second c.d. named

"I bow To Thee", it also has twelve sons on it, that rightly divide His Truth.

However the sound quality of our second c.d. far surpasses what you hear here.

Because the LORD gave us a digital multitrack recording studio! Praise  God!

This sample has only four tracks, where the second c.d. has fourteen tracks

each song and has a strictly professional sound quality!  The music is

amazing annointed with my 45 years of guitar work, that our blessed saviour

taught me!






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