Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


Are you stressed?  Working too hard? Need more peace, understanding,
and wisdom?  The LORD, has already made a way for YOU to have all of
these things!

At the pace of life the world throws at you daily, one can “get caught up”
in the ways of the world, without even knowing it.

Everyday of your life YOU are constantly bombarded with decisions. 
No matter how “simple” they may “appear” the
decisions you make daily,
directly IMPACT your quality of life itself!

Why is this?  Simply because the LORD, is on His throne judging and weighing
the matters of your heart. For His Word
says “the eyes of the LORD, are in
every place, seeing the good and the bad”.  He wants the very BEST of the
for YOU!  How can I be sure of this? 

For you may think, I know you not.   Simply because I know Him, and He knows
YOU,  He says to me, concerning you, straight out of His Word: ” I know the plans
I have concerning you, plans for good, and not for evil “. 

His Word and promise is faithful, and sure. He KEEPS His Word.  He did not write
them for just a few! He wrote them to every human on the planet!

YOU, can enter the Kingdom of God.  Right this very moment, by simply saying
“yes” to Jesus! HE will translate your existence from being "of the world" to being
"into His Kingdom."  Simply in your mind, speak to the LORD. 

Ask Him to forgive you of ALL
sin.  Think in your heart, or out loud in a private place,
COME into my heart, wash me in your precious blood, make me whole.  
For I accept your payment for all sin, upon the cross.

Teach me your ways, give me your strength, guide me.  HE WILL!  For to do this,
you have just prayed in accordance with His will (just as Jesus did).  Amen.

Many have not taken the time to know His goodness, His great mercy,
His faithful forgiveness, or His ability to do miracles in your life!  It is for YOU, I write.

You see, I was once just like you. We ALL, have been caught up in the systems,
and the ways of the world!  No-one starts out in life, who is without sin! (except Jesus)

Since the fall of Adam, we ALL were “born into sin” because of our carnal nature!  
This is why we need to ask forgiveness.

“He is faithful to forgive, those who ask Him”. (KJV).  Once forgiven, your record
is wiped clean “as though you had not sinned”.

He says in His Word ” To know Me, know My Word”.  Only when a person is forgiven, 
is their heart made pure. Only then can they open Scriptures and read and understand

the true meanings of the Holy Bible.  For it is written “the Holy Spirit shall lead men
into all truth”.   Once you have asked and received this, your perspective about everything

will change.  Then you can “see” that which the LORD is doing by His spirit, and truly
understand the goodness and great works He is doing, each and every day!

He would have me offer you,  for free, an endeavor that has taken me
(by the Holy Spirit) over  six years to write.  It is this website that “rightly divides,
His Word of Truth”.

I could have NOT done this own my own, for only HE (by His Spirit) can show us
His great glory, that are found in the true meanings of His Holy Word.

I know there are many different opinions. You will NOT find any on this site. 
Take NOT, my word for it, but do LOOK for yourselves, and those you love. 
He will tell you, whether
these writings were inspired by Him, or not. 

All you have to do is ask Him. “LORD is this from You” and His still small voice...
will speak into your heart.






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