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Your "LITTLE SOLDIERS"      (free spiritual offer)

As a parent, you know how fast children "pick up" and learn things!
Whether they be two or three years of age, even untill the day they move
out of your home, YOU "teach" them more from the example you set

before their little eyes, every moment of every day!  Are they not always
watching and listening  to YOU, even when it may "appear" that they are
not paying you any direct attention?

Of course they are, for how many times have you wondered " I wonder
where they (your child) learned to act/think that way"?

I am not pointing fingers at anyone, for as soon as your child can understand
words/pictures, they begin to shape or mold into the very things they are
exposed unto!

The television, radio, advertisments, billboards, actions/reactions children
see, and are bombarded with everyday, leave LASTING impressions in
their spirit and their minds.

It is written in Scriptures "train up a child, in the right way which they should go
and when they are old, they shall not depart from it".

What the LORD is saying here, is that we all, especially children, learn more
from examples, than they do in classrooms!

Does your child see you setting examples of faith, through your actions and
words?  Do they see or hear you thanking the LORD, for what HE has done for you?

Do they see your peace reflected in your examples you set daily? Do they
know and understand that you trust the LORD, that you know that no matter
how things "may appear" to your sight or hearing, that you cannot be
moved from your foundation, nor shaken, or upset?

If you are setting these examples in your household, then you are leading
them in the right way. You know and understand, that simply because
the Word of God says "love overcometh all things" you KNOW, this to be true!

Of course you know as well in your spirit, that this is speaking of the LORDS
love, and not the kind of love that is men's (self-serving, jealous, covetous:
keeping records of wrongdoing, instead of forgiving and looking forward
instead of backwards (the past).

Men's love falls short in EVERY ASPECT, when compared to the kind of love
the Word of God teaches us to have: patient, longsuffering, giving, not
being a respecter of status or person, never keeping a record of wrongs.

Loving equally all, forgiving, helping, not considering (esteeming) onself
as being above or superior to others, but equal.

It is also written in Scriptures: "if a man seem to be religious, but hath not
love, he is nothing, his religion is in vain".

If this sounds or seems harsh, be not suprised because the LORD of heaven
judges the HEART, it's motive and intentions, and that not according to

When you love your child with the LORDS love, you will (by His Spirit) teach
by example your own children, these things. You do so by not only your
actions, but as well with your words.

Does your child see or hear you treat others harsly? Or do they see you
giving others Gods love? Believe you me, they do take notice of these

If they see you covet, or be envious of something that belongs unto
another, do they not think it is the way to do things?
On the other hand, if they see and hear you bless, and be a blessing
unto others, they cannot help, but to also see your grace, joy and peace!

It is NEVER too late to start letting the LORD, be your teacher. Even when
first comming to the altar, confessing iniquity, asking forgiveness and
getting it from the LORD, it is only then you begin to have a "teachable

We ALL, have to mature in the spirit, by being taught by the Holy Ghost.
Because we ALL were born with a carnal nature, (except Christ Jesus).
Every one of us, HAS, to stumble and fall, and then have the LORD
get us back up!

For proverbs states: " a just man shall fall seven times, but he shall get
back up".
When your child sees or hears you pray, give thanks unto, the Father
in Jesus name, you are teaching them by example!

Just as Christ taught by the examples given unto Him, by His Father
so also you can do exactly the same thing. For it is written: (Jesus spoke)
saying: "even as I have received of My Father, so shall ye also receive"
How? By Faith (believing what the Bible says, and acting on what the spirit
of the living God, tell you to do)
When Christ said "follow Me" He was saying, do as I do, ask of the Father
before you decide what to think about anything, and before you decide to

act on anything, test your own spirit, to see if it is of the LORD. How do
you test your own spirit? By comparing what you think and do, to what
Jesus (Holy Spirit) would think and do.

Not what any man says, but what the Fathers Word says, about any subject!
Do you know that when you "follow after His Spirit" and do the will of the
Father (as HE did) that you every action and deed becomes a seed planted
in others? By sowing the seeds of His love, through actions and deeds

you are sowing incorruptable seed (the Word) and your harvest shall be
to continue to receive from heaven, blessing beyond measure, His counsel
His wisdom, His understanding, as well as His love, and His judgments?

For they ALL are good, and acceptable unto His sight! He will open doors for you
and you will walk in His favor, people whom you do not even know, will
give unto you, do things for you, help you, without you even asking!

The LORD has laid on My heart, to give to whosoever shall ask, a PERSONAL
video, of a word of knowledge, and insight, about what the LORD has in store
for you and your child as well.

As the author and finisher of our faith, HE knew YOU, while you were still
in the womb, as well as HE knew your child, and the plans He has for Him!
Would you like to receive a PERSONAL Word, for you and for your children?

About how HE has plans for both of you, plans for good and not evil.

How can I offer this? Simply because I know HE KEEPS, His Word,, and I
know HIM and His word, for they are the same today, tomorrow and

You may think to yourself, "this man knows nothing about me or my child"
well that is EXACTLY what the Devil wants you to believe! All things are
possible for the LORD. and HE loves doing the very things that men say

For HE proves His Word everyday, for those whom follow His spirit get
to see and watch what HE is doing, in other peoples lives everyday!
I may not know you personally, but I know HE knows everything there
is to know about you.

For it is written: "the eyes of the LORD, are in every place, seeing the
good and the bad".

Do you need a miracle? Are you concerned about what you child may
or may not be doing everyday?  All it takes to receive a miracle is that
tiny mustard seed of faith that says: God has said it, He can and will do it,
and I believe it and receive it!

Then sit back and watch Him keep His Word! For as the woman said in her
heart that had an "issue of blood" "if I can only touch His garment, I shall
be made whole"

What did Jesus say to her after she had received the miracle?
Daughter, be of good cheer, for YOUR FAITH, hath made you  whole!

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