Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

Take This Cup, And Drink

Jesus took the cup, and drank, saying to His disciples
This cup represents my blood, which is poured out
upon the earth.   Then He took bread, and broke it.
After blessing it, He handed it to his disciples saying;

"this bread represents my body." 
Which is to be lifted up. After that He took the chalice

and drank from it saying "this represents my blood", and
He passed it to them, saying "drink, and do this in

remembrance of Me", as often as you eat or drink.
Today, this is done, usually on special occasions,

and most churches call it communion. Most also say, drink
not, unless you have asked forgiveness of sin, for to do so

would make you guilty of "dishonering the blood" or to eat
would make you guilty of "the body", of CHRIST. How many

people today, that are Christian, eat or drink without
first blessing the food or drink? For JESUS spoke "do this

as often as ye eat or drink". He did not mean just his
disciples should do this, but anyone who has accepted the

LORD, as their savior.

We, the people of the church comprise "the body
of CHRIST", with JESUS being the head or chief cornerstone.

Does this mean that they who eat or drink, without first
blessing the offering, and having convictions in their

heart, left unforgiven, are guilty of the "body and the
blood" of CHRIST? I think yes, because the bible has no

gray areas, it makes no "implications", for it states the
facts clear and concise. JESUS would have not said " do

this as often as ye eat or drink", had He meant not every

time. That is why it is important to "have no convictions".
How can one live in todays world of madness, and have no
convictions? By asking for forgiveness. When we do this

often enough, we retain a pure heart. "He who judges the
hearts of men" is JESUS. The bible says " all judgement has

been comitted, unto the son". For the FATHER, cannot look
upon sin. This is why JESUS, cried out from upon the cross

"FATHER why hast THOU forsaken me? JESUS had always looked
up to the FATHER, for guidance, in most everything HE

did. For it is written " I do only the things, I see my
FATHER do, and I speak only the things that my FATHER

hath spoken". The only time that I can think of, that JESUS

spoke something out of his own will, is his prayer in the
garden, in which he asked his FATHER, "if it be possible,

remove this cup, nevertheless not My will but YOUR will be
done". Have you taken the cup of JESUS? Are you willing

to "take up his cross, and follow him"? If so then study
the word of GOD, and sup with the LORD. For if you will

abide in HIM, HE will abide in you. If you have recieved
the LORD, and want to know what HIS plan is for your

personal life. Then just ask HIM, in prayer and HE will
reveal to you what that plan is.
Your brother in CHRIST
Stephen Monday


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