Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                               "Living Proof"

Boldly did I go before

The throne of grace thats HIS

Oh Holy LORD I did implore

To know the state of this

Some I said do teach false things

And mis- represent  thy ways

Do you accuse the Children

Wherefore is thine grace?

I considered that which HE had said

And saw my lack of grace

And said my LORD,

I wish them well

That they may see thine face

He said, therefore then pray, that they

Will turn again to me

And therefore learn My ways

For to condemn

Is not of me

Nor is it to accuse

Concerning them

For whom you plee

Their lives, I plan to use

For every vessels broken

I dash them into pieces

When they awaken

Then shall they know

They are free from vile diseases

No man can hide, nor run so far

That My arm  thus, cannot reach

And so ye pray, and make not war

And rest unto My peace

My Fathers plan, for every man

To come unto the truth

Has been at work since time began

Are ye - not living proof?

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