Holy Spirit Bible Meanings

                                        How The Light Overcomes Darkness

The LORD of hosts (Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus) told me the
other day. "For every man that sits in darkness, there is a man
walking in the light who is praying for that man."

This makes perfect sense, for the LORD commands us in HIS
word to "pray for all men." It as well lines up with the followng
scriptures: "where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more."

And also "all things worketh for good, to him that loveth the
LORD and keepeth HIS commandments."

This helps to explain, the mighty, wonderful scope of the LORD
being in control of all things. There is no thing, HIS eyes do not see,
nor does any thing fall outside of HIS holy jurisdiction.

Not only does HE know the "end from the beginning" but HE as well has said
"the end of a matter shall better than the beginning thereof."

How wonderful it is to know that the LORD has plans for each of us...
"plans for good, and not for evil, that ye may come to an expected end."
What a wonderful promise, knowing the LORD never fails to keep HIS word.

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