a short account of exactly what faith IS, where it comes from, and how it is used. What is Faith"
Holy Spirit Bible Meanings


                                                    What  Is  FAITH?

is  the "righteous judgement" of GODS WORD, as well as a LAW unto itself, which is a tool
exercised by the SPIRIT of GOD, to prove HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS. It "cometh from
above" by the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus.

As ALL JUDGMENTS have been committed unto the Son (Christ) HE giveth these unto whomsoever
HE will. They use them to do "the very works of God." There are no "judgements" or declarations
from the LORD, which are not already written expressly in HIS Word and Testimony. (Holy Bible)

Line by line, HE has already given HIS final and eternal judgements...as "He changeth not, and HE
is the same today, tomrrow and forever, we can know whether or not anything said or thought
"came from above."

For it to have "come from above" it HAS to line up with His Holy Word. It will always be full of grace,
truth, and mercy. He tells us to "test the spirits, to see whether or not it cometh from God." We do
NOT have to guess about anything when we "walk" according to His truth.
He will never hold it back, when we are walking in submissive obedience unto His ways.
" I will withhold no good thing."

We will always know it is HIS Spirit, because it always will be according to His Word and His way,
as well as His will. When we "walk" as having our steps "ordered by Him," it will be in the path of His
Holiness and righteousness. He will never command us to sin against the Father, or another person.

Nor will He ever tempt us.  Let us not be found tempting HIM.  We would not stand on a railroad track,
in the front of a speeding train, and say to Him "okay LORD, you can let this train pass through me
without harm" prove to me that you exist, by letting this happen."

Need answers to questions daily? Repent and turn from iniquity, ask forgiveness, then ask Him.
He will answer, for He says " I honor those whom honour me." You will not have to guess about anything
you ask of Him.

His answer will always be His Truth according to His Fathers Word and Testimony,
which is already written in your King James 1611 (Authorized Version) Holy Bible
HE "cannot tell a lie." For HE is the Truth, and the Spirit of Truth and prophecy.

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